As summer is nigh, I am very much looking forward to the Summer Reception in July of the Danish UK Association.

The timing could not be better given the debate in Parliament on Britain leaving the European Union. The House of Lords takes very seriously its responsibility to scrutinise legislation. As legislators, all the Lords can do is ask the elected chamber of the House of Commons to think again. We cannot insist and cannot block legislation where it has appeared in the manifesto of the party elected to form the Government in the Commons. No one party has control in the Lords.

Given there is probably a majority in the Lords who would have voted to remain in the European Union, we are seeking the best possible outcome to our leaving, enabling us to continue to trade with our existing partners on the best possible terms as well as to discover new trading opportunities going forward.

The debate in the Lords focussed on what the future trading relationship with our current EU partners should be and in particular, a customs arrangement or continued membership of the European Economic Area.

The Danish UK Association plays a great role in bringing businesses together to discuss issues of mutual interest in the hope of finding solutions and there will inevitably be many changes in the way that business is conducted between Britain and Denmark. 

Mindful of the fact that Parliament buildings will close for a major refurbishment in the coming years, it is a particular pleasure to welcome guests enabling them to soak up the atmosphere of such an historic building. The Terrace of the House of Lords is one of the most incomparable venues in London and lends itself to such an occasion of meeting, networking and celebrating summer.


Kind regards,

Baroness Anne McIntosh of Pickering
House of Lords


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