Hello fellow members of the Danish-UK Association.

It’s with great excitement I am writing the June 19 Editorial for DKUK. 

I’d like to use this editorial to introduce myself as well as bringing awareness to some of the recent changes happening in the Association. As some of you might already know I am new to the Board of the DKUK, but I am also helping drive our new Young Professionals’ initiative which I believe is an important next step in developing the future of Danish business in the UK.

One could say I am thrilled to have a foot in each camp, the Main Board as well as the Council of Young Professionals (CYP). 

On the professional side I’m the founder of Studio Roo, an Advertising Consulting Agency that helps business create day to day campaign work as well as establishing sustainable in-house advertising agencies for larger businesses. 


The future is CYP

Tommy Ahlers (Danish Minister of Science, Technology, Information and Higher Education) expressed his concerns, at the beginning of the year about the Brexit uncertainties and went public to warn future students of choosing the UK as a destination for educational exchange, that the current Brexit negotiations is a legitimate worry. However, it would be concerning to assume that our strong bond with the UK won’t remain in some form in the future, and it is more than ever in everyone’s interest that we focus on having a prepared young generation to facilitate our long term business relationships with the UK. 

I believe CYP helps to bring together the future business elite with roots in both Denmark and UK, and fosters great opportunities for us all to meet at various social events where we can explore and share insights around the professional work life across national borders and fields of expertise. 


Young Professionals 2019 events

Summer is around the corner and with this comes a number of great events. We are looking forward to hosting our first ever Young Professionals’ dinner on June 7th where it will be all about feasting and sharing, when we meet at MBER for a fantastic Filipino style dinner. On the 26th of June, we are currently planning an insightful evening around entrepreneurship with Mads Faurholt, Managing Partner, Nova Founders Capital in their London based office.

When we return back from summer holidays, we are ready to host another number of special Young Professionals’ events. On the agenda is an event about cultural differences, another about managing upwards and a spooky Halloween dinner, just to tease a few of the things we have got in the pipeline. In short, stay tuned on the events page here for more info.


Lastly I would  just like to wish everyone a great summer and hope to see some of you at our events.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with me, please drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


All the best, 


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