So, Summer must be arriving! As I write, the thunder clouds are gathering, and I’m getting my rain gear and wellies ready for Glastonbury Festival! However, the gardens are looking healthy, and even a bit ahead of themselves, and I’m hopeful, as we get ready for the summer break,  that we have some good weeks ahead.

For the Association, we are preparing for the Summer Reception, being held on 3rd July. Indeed, when some of you read this, it may have already taken place. It is one of the main social events in our calendar. This year I am honoured to be hosting it at the Oriental Club, and I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you there for what should be an enjoyable and, I hope, memorable evening.  We will be outside, but well covered should the rains come.  The Club is nearly 200 years old, and while its history is built around those with connections to the East, today the membership is much more diverse.  The building itself, who’s freehold is owned by the Club, is impressive but welcoming, and excellently located in Central London. Overall, I hope those of you attending will find it an inclusive and unstuffy place.  We are extremely grateful to our main sponsor for the event, DFDS, and supporting sponsors Nordea and Adwaiz. 

At this time of year, we say goodbye to our intern, and so, on behalf of all of us,  I would like to say an enormous thank-you to our intern in the Association, Mads Prangsgaard, who returns to Copenhagen Business School to do his Masters, and to Emma Lind, also returning to Copenhagen.  Apart from their “normal” roles, both Mads and Emma have been extremely helpful in the establishment of our Young Professional Group this year, something I am particularly proud of.  Now run by their own Council, and represented on our main Board by Jessie Frahm, they are developing an excellent programme of events, both professional and social, for the 18-35-year age group. If you fall within that range, can I encourage you to participate, whatever your nationality. For the corporate members, please encourage your young professional staff to take part as well.

Overall, the Association is now gaining traction in its own right, developing its identity from the strong history of its roots, and we look forward to going from strength to strength as the board and the membership get comfortable with the new organisation.  Thanks to everyone, both members and the team in the office, for giving it such a tremendous start in life.

For those of you who are unable to attend our reception, and indeed those of you who are able to, may I wish you a great and restful summer.


Best regards,

Louis Wheeler







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