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It is very much our busy calendar of formal and informal, industry specific, job function and social events that are the beating heart of DKUK’s activity. Take a look here at events organised by DKUK, by members, or DKUK-member co-organised – and click through to sign up! Call or email us if you, as a member, have an event you would like to post here. We look forward to seeing you on the delegate list soon!
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Premier members

Maritime CIO Forum Tokyo 29 August

29 August 2019 Members Event

Maritime CIO Forum aims helping shipping companies learn new ways to operate their vessels better with digital technology, in pursuit of safety and efficiency. 

Nordic Drinks hosted by Ole & Steen

29 August 2019 DKUK Event

Every last Thursday of the month, members and friends of the Norwegian, Finnish and Danish Trade Organisations in the UK gather for Nordic Drinks at an interesting and inspiring venue somewhere in central London - an added bonus to the networking.

DKUK YP: Intern Dinner at Ekte. Nordic Kitchen

30 August 2019 YP Event

The DKUK want to reach out to young ambitious interns in London and has planned this fantastic dinner as our first step. The dinner is an amazing opportunity to experience a "hyggelig" time with your fellow interns and friends. It is also a great opportunity to meet some new inspiring people within the DKUK network and expand your personal network. 

Bacon Boys’ lunch

04 September 2019 DKUK Event

The Bacon Boys' consists of a group of long standing members, mainly people retired from the bacon trade.  They meet once a quarter for lunch at 1 Lombard Street bar & Brasserie. 

iShipping Conference - Copenhagen 5 September 2019

05 September 2019 Members Event

iShipping, to Digital Ship, means making the best possible use of data and digital technology to make the shipping industry operate as safely and efficiently, with the best possible quality of life of people involved, as we possibly can.  

Put a value on your digital marketing

18 September 2019 Members Event

Online Marketing Manager Henrik Rivera will provide you with inspiration on how to work purposefully with data-driven, targeted and measurable marketing. The key is KPIs, which stop you from drowning in data and help you prioritise your marketing efforts.

Maritime CIO Forum, Rotterdam

19 September 2019 Members Event

The Dutch lead the world, in many ways, in both their maritime and technical capability. They are famed for their pragmatism and people-centred approach to business. They are also arguably the most environmentally proactive.  They have some very advanced digital technology companies. There are also some very interesting start-ups.  

KidsAid & Fodboldfonden - London Galla 2019

26 September 2019 Other's Event

An exceptional experience with Kids Aid & Fodboldfonden ... and you should join! 

International Wine, Spirits & Beer tasting at Chelsea FC

03 October 2019 DKUK Event

SAVE THE DATE! More info is to follow..

VPO Singapore Forum

09 October 2019 Members Event

Vessel performance optimisation is a confusing subject. We know we’re all supposed to be trying harder to improve the performance of our vessels. There are a multitude of methods, with different costs and returns, much of which is unclear. It is also not clear whether optimising vessel performance is better done just by acting on basic data, or with a more complex mix of sensor data and analytics. 

Maritime CIO Forum Singapore

10 October 2019 Members Event

Singapore has some of the world's most connected, mobile and social digital users - it has one of the most digital governments - it has perhaps the most structured approach to education - and of course a large maritime industry. All of these factors come together in the 2019 CIO Singapore forum on October 10.

VPO Copenhagen Forum

22 October 2019 Members Event

Denmark arguably leads the world in vessel performance optimisation, where we have one of the world's largest and technically advanced shipping companies in Maersk, a high focus on both technology and people, and a society with high expectations of environmental performance from its businesses.   

Nordic Chambers Business Forum 2019: Investing in Sustainability

28 October 2019 DKUK Event

The Nordic Chambers Business Forum returns to London on the 28 October, this year hosted at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

European Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum

31 October 2019 Members Event

Maritime cybersecurity is a very difficult domain to understand. On one hand there's lots to be scared about. On the other hand there's lots of hi-tech solutions, and lots of solutions which are less hi-tech and there's many people saying that the answer is not hi-tech at all. 

Herlufsholm Boarding School - Open House in London

11 November 2019 DKUK Event

Are you considering sending your kids to boarding school. Why not consider the exclusive Danish Boarding School Herlufsholmand their secondary education options in Denmark.

Food Matters Live – Changing the future of food and drink

19 November 2019 Members Event

A curated exhibition with hundreds of exhibitors and speakers, and thousands of visitors from across the global food and drink industry, coming together to create cross-sector connections. 

Royal Banquet - Wednesday 4 December 2019

04 December 2019 Other's Event

On the evening of Wednesday 4th December at 6.15 the doors will open to the magnificently ornate Drapers' Hall in the City of London. This fabulous Black Tie event starts with a drinks reception where everyone mingles and where selected members and guests will have an opportunity to meet Her Majesty Queen Margrethe or our other celebrities.

Annual Christmas Lunch 2019

13 December 2019 DKUK Event

It is all about traditions, surprises, festive spirit and good company - and we have sooo been looking forward to it, pretty much since the end of the last year - The Annual Christmas Lunch 2019 - and you are all hereby invited!

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