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​​​​​​​Workforce of the Future: The New Norm

8 September 2020
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In this forward-looking webinar, Practical Futurist and keynote speaker Andrew Grill and Royds Withy King's head of Employment & HR Malcolm Gregory will discuss how the UK’s workforce and workspaces are likely to change over the coming years and how the legal landscape will need to adapt to any new realities.

8 September 2020
10:30 – 11:30
Online Webinar
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Thank you to everyone that joined us for an insightful webinar with DKUK member Royds Withy King . Please find the recording below, and do feel free to share!

The themes Andrew and Malcolm will explore include:

Decade Ahead 2.0. At our Decade Ahead event in January 2020, Andrew spoke about the next ten years; since then, five years’ worth of workplace innovation happened in just a few weeks. As the world of work is being re-shaped, Andrew and Malcolm will discuss where we are headed next and what it will take to tackle future challenges.​​​​​​​

The current challenges. There already is a palpable shift in how employers and employees approach work. We’ll discuss flexible working post Covid-19; the furlough scheme; what has and hasn’t worked, new issues that have emerged and the legal ramifications for employers.

The immediate future challenges: what are the next 18 months likely to bring? The big themes to emerge such as remote employee management and productivity, security challenges, shifting working patterns and the effect on organisational culture.

Please note​​​​​​​: We’ll be running this webinar in Webinarjam, which is an easy to join web platform that does not require installing any software. Unfortunately Webinarjam is not supported in Internet Explorer, so if you have trouble registering, try opening this page in a different web browser or contact [email protected]

  • Speakers

Andrew Grill 

Board-level technology adviser | Futurist keynote speaker | Former IBM Global Managing Partner

Malcolm Gregory

Partner and Head of Employment & HR at Royds Withy King

This event is hosted by DKUK Member Royds Withy King . Please visit their DKUK member profile.