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Are the Danes really as funny as they think?

19 November 2020
DKUK events

Join us for a deep dive into the Danish humour and how it is understood both by native Danes and their international colleagues

19 November 2020
14:30 – 15:30
Online webinar
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This video was produced by Augenblick a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark who were the lead organiser this event supported by DKUK.

We all have experiences and attitudes about humor. But humor is not universal. The Danish humor is established through our language, our society and way of living. But how is that perceived by other nationalities?

Join us for this webinar as we welcome Professor Emeritus at Copenhagen Business School, Lita Lundquist, for a deep dive into the Danish humor and how it is understood both by native danes and their international colleagues

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Lita Lundquist

Lita Lundquist has taught and researched in languages and has written a large number of articles and books. Lita has especially focused on how the languages affect our way of socializing across borders.

Selected publications:

Humorsocialisering. Hvorfor er danskerne (ikke) så sjove (som de tror)? Samfundslitteratur, 2020.

Lundquist, Lita & Magali Gravier (2019). ‘You have got to be joking. A Study of humour in the political context of the European Parliament’.

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