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Boost your Employee Wellbeing in 2021

22 April 2021
DKUK events

HR leaders and managers, let’s go! Keeping employees happy is more important and challenging than ever!

22 April 2021
10:30 – 11:30
Online Webinar
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Thank you very much to every one who attended this event and made it possible in the first instance! Please see the recording here below, and if you really liked the event/recording we would love it if you will leave us a testimonial at the bottom of this page.

Whether it’s engaging a workforce remotely, keeping the culture alive, or acting on the threats to employees happiness, it is crucial for the HR department to adapt to keep employees healthy, happy and productive.

DKUK are once again proud to be patnering with Goodwille, together with Breaks Finland to organise this event: 

Experts Jacqui Brown, HR Manager at Goodwille, Ruth Walker, HR Advisor at Goodwille and Jaana Komscha-Härkönen CEO and Co-Founder of Breaks Finland will discuss the following topics: 

– The importance of employee wellbeing now and in the future

– The biggest challenges to employee happiness and how to address them

– The biggest changes to workplace wellbeing for employees and how to adapt

– Who in the business should be responsible for the wellbeing KPI’S?

– How to spot, improve and prevent mental illness in the workplace

– What the most important factors are that will connect HR and their employees

– Finland – the happiest country in the world, what is the secret?

Do you want a concrete example of how you can inspire your team? At the end of the webinar, Breaks’s, Saara Koivisto, voice coach, singer and singing-teacher will perform a short inspiring “Break session”. The session will highlight the importance of your voice in daily communication and interaction, and how you can enhance it.

  • Goodwille
  • Breaks Finland

Goodwille provides essential business services to overseas companies looking to enter, grow or scale in the UK. Whether a business is looking to set up a UK subsidiary, register a UK branch or recruit UK based employees, Goodwille can provide all the business services needed to ensure the UK operation is properly administered, managed and monitored. Our services cover, Corporate Governance, HR, Finance, Payroll and Virtual Office.

Breaks Finland enables courageous organisations to give their people the safe, creative space and time to stop, observe, feel, and become fearless so that they are more innovative and resilient. Breaks form programs of fun, thought-provoking, and activating sessions that break the daily routine and help people act and think more creatively.

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