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What have we become?

17 June 2021
DKUK events

We’re launching the Danish-UK Association’s Brand Book! And we want you to be there as we celebrate the latest evolution in the Danish-UK Associations' journey.

17 June 2021
17:00 – 18:00
Online event - TEAMs
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Free to attend

Thank you very much to everyone who attended the launch of DKUK’s new Brand Book. The recording is here and we welcome you to view it and when doing so let us know what you think. You will see indications to sections below for easy review, and further down we welcome you to look at the actual Brand Book in your own time

This very much a community that has come together to ensure we are headed in the right direction. We love anyones feedback and encourage you to connect with Managing Director, Gunnar P Larsen.

Video reccording content:
00:00   Welcome and setting the scene 
01:50   The history behind and why we started the process
03:18   Introducing project leader Jessie Frahm, Board Member and Brand Specialist
05:18   Jessie Frahm explaining the methodology and the work behind
15:55   Launching the new Brand Book
18:44   DKUK’s Brand on a Page
22:09   Stronger Together
23:00   Danishness – what is it?
24:34   How do we speak?
26:37   The role of DKUK and what happens next.
32:02   Example of how members engage
32:28   Food, Drinks and Hospitality Group
37:43   Young Professionals seeking inspiration
42:07   Bridge Club
46:56   Questions
47:43   Comments from the Chairman

Successful brands communicate their point of difference with clarity. 

The Danish Club in London and the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce merged 2017 and with that merged many traditions, believes and history. 

Things became less clear. 

With input of two focus groups of a representative selection of members, the board and secretariat we shed light on that, worked on the brand, the mission, our position, and not least the services that we feel the Danish-UK Association have today and tomorrow. 

It is now clear! 

We are ready to present to you members and all our friends the essence of DKUK’s purpose. 

Join us and learn more about the process, the findings and all the energy that went into this only made possible by a truly engage membership. 

We connect people. We celebrate Danishness. We have a good time.

  • Programme
17:00 Login and Welcome
17:05 Presenting the journey, methodology applied and findings.
Jessie Frahm, DKUK Board member, corporate member with The Brand Catalyst, and brand specialist
Gunnar P. Larsen, Managing Director, Danish-UK Association
17:45Open for questions
17:50 What happens now?
18:00Thank you for attending and end of programme.