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DKUK Net Positive – Technology and Data

20 April 2022
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The DKUK Net Positive Group is an by invitation only round table for a group of members, who aim to lead their organisation towards Net Zero / Net Positive.

20 April 2022
10:00 – 12:00
55 Sloane Street
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By invitation only .

We’re pleased to announce this discussion held within the DKUK Net Positive sub group about the role of technology and data as an important part of achieving sustainable goals.

To inspire this conversation, we have invited Tom Moran, Senior Technology and Sustainability Strategy Lead from Lumen Technologies, to share his expert opinion on how technologists can help drive change and ease some of the complexities organisations face on this journey.

Tom has spent the last 20 years working in technology companies from small start-ups to large global enterprises. In a variety of different leadership roles he has maintained a focus on digital transformation and turning business disruption into opportunity. 

In 2019 Tom moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Amsterdam to establish an EMEA Technology Solutions practice and lead sustainability strategy and innovation for Lumen. The Lumen mission is to further human progress through the power of technology.

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10.00  Arrival, coffee and network
10.20  Welcome by group leader and DKUK Board member Jessie Frahm and setting the scene and vision of this group. 
10.30  Welcome and introduction of Tom Moran, Technology and Sustainability Strategy Lead, Lumen Technologies
11.00  Open discussion, sharing best practice, thoughts discussed, ideas shared – all under Chatham House Rules
11.50  Sum up 
12.00  End of programme

The DKUK Net Positive Group is for a sub group and by invitation only of DKUK members, who aim to lead their organisation towards Net Zero / Net Positive.

Therefore, our most influential leaders are invited to meet around their common agenda for creating sustainability within their organisations to discuss and share experiences within this field. 

We invite the members to take part in our quarterly briefings where they meet to discuss specific areas of sustainability that impact all businesses. This could be (but are not limited too) sessions around data collection and governance, carbon offsetting agendas, the impact of finance as a driver of green initiatives, or how to nurture social responsibility meaningfully.

In each session, we will have a theme and a leading expert will share a few insights with the group to seed a fruitful discussion.

Chatham House rules will apply at each meeting as this is a unique opportunity for our Net Positive leaders to voice unique challenges and opportunities they are dealing with in a safe space.

The group is initiated by DKUK Board member Jessie Frahm.

For more about this group and any ideas of initating other groups connect with Gunnar P Larsen, Managing Director, DKUK.

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash