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Generation Z is a $146 billion banking opportunity

9 December 2020
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Sign up for this one-off live webinar on December 9 and learn how to attract, convert and engage generation Z.

9 December 2020
10:00 – 11:00
Online webinar
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Forget the Millennials! The real battle of future banking will be about Generation Z. The first fully digital generation that communicate on social media channels their parents haven’t even heard of.

On December 9th three industry experts will take you on an exciting fast moving trip into the Gen Z’s Future Financial Universe. Participants in the online-seminar will get valuable insights into a group of customers that have their own peculiar rules and habits. They will learn how incumbent financial institutions should innovate and create sustainable brands for Gen Z.

The three Sherpas who will take you safely into the Gen Z landscape are futurist Nils Elmark of Incepcion – branding expert Jessie Frahm of Brand Catalyst and innovation leadership expert Henrik Karlsen of Blue Trampoline.

The seminar will be particularly interesting for executives from the financial services industry. 

Disclaimer: This event isn’t hosted by DKUK. When signing up, it’ll be on Blue Trampoline’s web and is co-organised by fellow member The Brand Catalyst