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Herlufsholm Boarding School – Open House in London

11 November 2019
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At a small, informal gathering in joint collaboration of Herlufsholm Boarding School, North Star Law Ltd., Danske Bank and the Association you will be given a general introduction to the different types of secondary education in Denmark, and specifically about life as a boarder today at Herlufsholm.

11 November 2019
19:00 – 21:00
North Star Law Ltd, St. James House
13 Kensington Square
W8 5HD
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It is our pleasure to invite all interested to an OPEN HOUSE about Herlufsholm Boarding School in London on 11 November 2019.

If you are contemplating a boarding school for your children, this is a unique opportunity to hear more talk about the distinctive heritage of Herlufsholm, the many traditions and the various opportunities for both a Danish and an International education in an engaging environment.

The Danish Boarding School Herlufsholm is known for its high academic standards and many traditions.

Herlufsholm – a world class education in Denmark – may just be the school of choice.

If you are interested please apply to attend by sending us an email. We will take the liberty to priortise parents/people genuinely interested.

  • Co-organisers
  • Programme
  • Why Herlufsholm?

Programme outline – still subject to changes

19.00      Registration and welcome

  • General introduction to the different types of secondary education in Denmark
  • A life at Herlufsholm – Ann K. Hansen, Head of International Affairs tells her story of first being a student at Herlufsholm and later coming back as a teacher and a part of the senior leadership team.
  • Use the IB Diploma as a gateway to an international life – Natascha Philip, Head of IB, explains the advantages of taking an international exam.
  • Herlufsholm is an extraordinary school – Three very good reasons to choose Herlufsholm as your school
  • Q&A

21.00      End of Open House day

Herlufsholm is Denmark’s oldest boarding school.

Herlufsholm has more than 450 years of experience. The beautiful, serene campus is the perfect setting for learning, and every year approximately 650 students come here to take an academically strong education. We have students from 6th grade throughout High School and IB Diploma. The friendships they make at Herlufsholm turn into a long-lasting networks.

Around 250 students from all over the world move into one of our 9 dormitories each year. Our boarding school is a safe, fun and loving environment, and life here is never dull. We have more than 50 weekly activitiesin addition to our many traditions and international offers.

Virtual Tour of Herlufsholm
The Boarding School
IB Diploma

Boarding schools provide young people with something very special.

On the one hand, a safe framework helps give the students the peace of mind needed to focus on learning new things. It helps them improve and challenge themselves under the guidance of experienced adults and highly educated teachers. On the other hand, a boarding school also becomes the setting for deep and valuable friendships. It is a supportive community where you can share your experiences and which becomes into a strong, useful network after you leave the school.

Herlufsholm is a boarding school which prioritizes the students’ wellbeing and personal development. In addition to having high academic standards, Herlufsholm offers students the opportunity of student conferences and exchanges, national and international volunteer work and a very broad range of extracurricular activities. All this on top of the school’s many traditions and festive events.

See the complete program at: https://herlufsholm.dk/en/london/