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HR Matters: New HR Legislations & Responsibilities in 2021

25 March 2021
DKUK events

Be a responsible employer and get ready for the latest UK employment law changes.

25 March 2021
10:30 – 11:30
Online Webinar
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Thank you very much to every one who joined us for this session. Lot of valuable information was shared and pertinent questions asked. Watch the recording here and revist the points made as often as you want.

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DKUK are proud to be partnerting with the team at Goodwille to host this webinar on Thursday the 25th March at 10.30AM (GMT) to make sure businesses are aware of the changing employment landscape. 

Some of these changes are coming into effect in April, find out what key actions you need to take to stay compliant. 

A few months into 2021 and we have already seen a global transformation affecting thousands of businesses. The UK left the European Union impacting many businesses ability to bring workers into the UK from overseas, coupled with the ongoing pandemic and challenges around managing a remote workforce. Yet, there are more changes to come for employers! 

During this Webinar ` Goodwille HR Manager Jacqui Brown & their HR Advisor Anni Glesaaen will discuss;

– The Employer Basics – understanding your core responsibilities

– Changes in UK Employment Law from April 2021

– HR Implications post Brexit & Covid-19

To ensure this session is engaging and interactive for all participants, we will hold a Q&A session at the end of the webinar where you are able to have your questions answered.

Goodwille provides essential business services to foreign-owned businesses looking to enter, grow or scale in the UK, to find out more visit goodwille.com

Disclaimer: By signing up to this webinar you give Goodwille permission the keep your shared information.

  • Questions which will be covered
  • Youth-mobility visas/how can we hire EU nationals for internships that do not fit the requirements of ‘normal’ work visa?
  •  Is it becoming expected that employers provide additional health insurance to employees?
  • Will there be any issues related to employing people in the UK as a foreign entity, via a partner such as Goodwille?   
  • Frontier Worker permits and general compliance for “part remote” workers; ir35.   
  • What is the implication to HR for staff to continue working remotely outside of the UK?   
  • Please elaborate around the adjustments that needs to be made in employer’s Privacy statement (GDPR) since brexit.   
  • I currently do not have any questions, but curious to understand the new legislation and our responsibilities.   
  • What are the major differences between Nordic and UK HR legislation?   
  • Do these things also affect companies that use contractors?   
  • Salary criteria?   
  • What are the changes for foreign employees wanting to work in UK for a period  

Goodwille is a highly valued member of the Association. Please visit their company profile.