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Igniting Innovation for Impact: Understanding and activating impact innovation

5 May 2022
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Impact innovation is the application of innovation principles across all aspects of what we do.

5 May 2022
9:00 – 16:00
Online programme
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Members: £1,460+VAT Non-members: 1,950+VAT

 An opportunity to take part in an executive education open programme, Igniting Innovation for Impact, jointly designed and delivered by and the Møller Institute at Churchill College in the University of Cambridge and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB).   The programme is a unique partnership from the East and West which draws together the different strands of impact innovation and supports participants to understand how they can create long-lasting and genuine impact through their roles and organisations. 

Following the success of the previous three programmes which were participated by over 100 senior executives and entrepreneurs from over 30 industries and 16 countries, there is a new opportunity to take part in the programme which will be held from 5th May for 5 weeks.   Each week, there will be live sessions with faculties and industry experts; faculty facilitated group discussions and self-guided online learning. Participants will have direct access to programme co-directors from both world-class institutions from the East and the West and opportunities for peer learning and networking through various group activities and events during and after the programme.

As a DKUK member, you will enjoy a special rate of £1,460+VAT per person (original price: 1,950+VAT). Go to our offer page to see how to redeem the offer.

You may visit https://www.mollerinstitute.com/executive-education/open-programmes/igniting-innovation-for-impact for more details of the programme.  For further enquiries, please contact Susana Lee at  [email protected]

The Møller Institute is a highly valued corporate member of the Association. Please visit their company profile.