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Inspirational Leaders – Growing a Business

8 March 2021
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Starting your own business can be one of the best decisions you make in life, but it can also lead to tough situations, and hard decisions.

8 March 2021
11:00 – 12:00
Online Webinar
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Thank you very much to every one who joined us for this session. See the recording here and be inspired!

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Growing a business is possible for anyone and now may actually be a good time to start a business. Some do it better than other and there is a great deal to be learned from people who have already done it – people who have lessons learned of both the good ones and the less good ones. They are all useful!

Join us for this session with 4 successful inspirational leaders who have started businesses – inspirations from very distinct areas of business and moderated by one of Denmark’s leading journalist currently based in London.

There will be an opportunity to join in the discussions with an open Q&A.

We hope you will be able to join us, to connect with others, find your power in business and BE INSPIRED!

Note! This event will continue with a Part 2 – Financial Leadership -Inspire, Empower and Invest. This will happen right after at 12.00 GMT / 13.00 Danish Time. Sso why not grap a drink and stay for that session too? Yes? Then please click through and sign up just in case.

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Tinne Hjersing Knudsen – Moderator

UK Correspondent (Bureau Chief), Danish Broadcasting Corporation Tinne Hjersing Knudsen is a well-known and respected Danish journalist. She has a long career as investigative journalist for various leading news-outlets and has  reported from many parts of the world and is currently The Burau Chief for Danish Broadcasting Corporations office in London. Previously she has been radio host of different programs on leading Danish national Radio24syv, including their award-winning morning show, a daily afternoon show on current affairs and a weekly program exclusively about Brexit.

Frederikke Antonie Schmidt – Speaker

Roccamore shoes are designed by the Danish designer Frederikke Antonie Schmidt. 

After graduating from the prestigious design school Polimoda, Frederikke worked for several luxury brands before returning to Copenhagen, where she developed her unique insole and started her own label.

Roccamore heels have been validated by scientific research to relieve 26% of pressure from your forefoot, as well as 44% from your foot’s arch while walking.

We get inspired by women with special stories, who dare to stand up for who they are and celebrate it unapologetically, who carry a little bit of a rebel inside them. And in turn, we hope to inspire more women to do the same.

Saasha Celestial-One – Speaker

Saasha Celestial-One is Co-Founder & COO of OLIO, a free app harnessing the power of mobile technology and the sharing economy to provide a revolutionary solution to the problem of food waste. OLIO is growing quickly, empowered by 60k+ volunteers. Since 2016, 2.8m OLIOers have successfully shared over 12m portions of food in 56 countries. Before OLIO, Saasha founded London’s first pay-as-you-go high street childcare provider, and prior to that she spent 13yrs at Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & American Express. Saasha was named one of the UK’s “Coolest Female Founders” by Business Insider, has an MBA from Stanford, is mum to 8-year-old Nolan, and is the proud daughter of hippy entrepreneurs

Zoey Henderson – Speaker

Zoey has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. Across roles as a vendor, business owner, consultant and most recently now a producer.Heading up operations for the team at Redemption Bar and developing no and low offerings, she saw the exciting category growing. Seeing the ideal opportunity to bring her interest in plants, fungi and botanicals to a consumer product.  An entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness, her newly launched brand Fungtn aims to disrupt craft beer and bring functional drinking into the low alcohol space.

Julie Weigaard Kjær – Speaker

Julie is the Cofounder & CEO of Ruby Cup. Julie was first introduced to menstrual cups by co-founder Maxie whilst studying sustainable business strategies and social entrepreneurship at business school in Copenhagen. 
Fully convinced that cups were the best period product on the market, Ruby Cup was founded in 2011 based on the idea that everyone should have access to safe and sustainable period products regardless of their income, making it the first company in the world to pioneer the Buy One Give Model for menstrual cups. Julie spent 3 years in Kenya developing the business and its social impact projects and now a decade later more than 100,000 Ruby Cups have been donated in 13 countries.
She has a background in business administration and social entrepreneurship within both public and private companies, and is a passionate world traveler both in her pre-business life as a commercial dancer and later as a social and sustainable business enthusiast.

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11.00 Welcome and setting the Scene 

11.05 Introductory remarks by Her Excellency, Emma Hopkins OBE, British Ambassador to Denmark

11.15 Moderated panel discussion – Inspirational leaders – growing a business

  • Frederikke Antonie Schmidt – Founder, Roccamore 
  • Saasha Celestial-One – COO, OLIO  
  • Zoey Henderson – Founder, Fungtn 
  • Julie Weigaard Kjær – CEO & Cofounder, Ruby Cup

Moderated by: Tinne Hjersing Knudsen, UK Correspondent (Bureau Chief), Danish Broadcasting Corporation

11.45 Open Q&A

Note! This event will continue with a Part 2 – Financial Leadership -Inspire, Empower and Invest. This will happen right after at 12.00 GMT / 13.00 Danish Time. Same login details and thus no need to sign up for that – so why not grap a drink and stay for that session too?