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Evening with Jacob Dahl, author of In Search of Time

11 October 2023
DKUK events

Join us for a discussion on the benefits of getting rid of our self-imposed bad time habits.

11 October 2023
17:30 – 19:30
BDB Pitmans
4th Floor, One Bartholomew Close
United Kingdom
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We talk about time all the time, in fact, it is the most used noun in English. But we have a very limited understanding of what time really is and have a hard time explaining it. 

The clock has become essential in our lives and having a shared idea of what time is, has been critical for the evolution of our societies. But time also comes with frustrations: we never seem to have enough of it during our busy days, we are worried about our big life clock ticking too fast, and we think decision-makers don’t think enough about the long term. Can we through a better understanding of what time really is, keep the good things and avoid the bad? 

Jacob Dahl, author of In Search of Time, in his book looks at time through 10 lenses to get closer to an understanding of time and lays out the benefits of getting rid of our self-imposed bad time habits. 

With special thanks to our hosts, BDB Pitmans – The evening will be moderated by expert business journalist Ben Walker, with an opportunity for guests to ask questions. Jacob will talk about some of the ten lenses he looks at time from and how we can heal our relationship with time for a more fulfilled life. 

This event is in partnership with BDB Pitmans, LiD Publishing, Djøf and the Danish-UK Association (DKUK)

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17.30 Arrival and welcome refreshments

18:00 Moderated Q&A session with Ben Walker and Jacob Dahl

19:00 Drinks / nibbles and networking

19:30 End of session

Jacob Dahl

Jacob Dahl is a Senior Partner Emeritus at McKinsey & Co, a board member and investor. He has an MSc in Economics from Copenhagen University, has worked as a management consultant for 26 years and has lived in Denmark, Europe, Africa and Asia with his wife and four children. Jacob has always been passionate about history, philosophy and physics.

Ben Walker

An expert business journalist, Ben Walker holds a raft of experience as editor of membership magazines for large professional bodies, having been the multiple award-winning editor for several business periodicals. He is a seasoned podcast and live event host, writer and ghostwriter. Ben serves as editor-at-large of Dialogue. 

An engaging evening and a discussion which made me reflect. We do not necessarily need to slow down – just be more aware and test and embrace new experiences. That way time will be perceived differently. I wish I knew this when I was 30+ … / Thanks

Thomas, Korn Ferry