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Failing Forward: Learning from Webinar Mistakes to Plan Successful Webinars

3 March 2021
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Webinars are quickly becoming an invaluable tool in any organisation. Why? Because not only can they help drive business throughout the customer journey, they are also an engaging and effective tool for internal communication.

3 March 2021
9:00 – 10:00
Online Webinar
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And when it comes to executing on webinar strategy, perfection is hard to come by. There are always bumps in the road, but that’s what makes live events so real and so engaging for audiences. 

Join in on our conversation “Failing Forward: Learning from Webinar Mistakes to Plan Successful Webinars” with Nick de la Force of Shootsta to discuss all the invaluable learnings we’ve gotten from going live and “failing” our way forward. 

We’ll cover: 

  •  Thoughtful webinar execution.
  •  How to prepare like a pro.
  •  How to be yourself and be more comfortable on camera.
  •  Some stumbles of our own and best practices we swear by. 

There is no perfect webinar – but there are great ones. Join us for this joint TwentyThree x Shootsta webinar and leave with advice, tips and tricks about how to forget the stress of being perfect and focus on delivering engaging, human webinars to your audiences. 

  • Speakers

Nick de la Force

Creative Director, Shootsta

Nick de la Force (yes, that is his real name!) is a creative with a unique set of skills. He’s been an actor, photographer, filmmaker, presenter, trainer, even a marketing and events manager. But for Nick, it’s always been about connecting with people and their stories, and he loves exploring new ways to do just that. As a Creative Director at Shootsta, Nick’s wealth of experience and passion for storytelling inspire clients to learn and grow as visual communicators, while achieving business goals. Sometimes, all you need is a big, bold idea to get you started…

Casper Pedersen

Partner Manager, TwentyThree

Casper’s mantra is: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” And for the last couple of years, he’s worked on educating agencies and marketers all over the world to believe in the same mantra, especially when it comes to video. Many people and organisations still see video as a creative marketing tool and don’t necessarily see the huge business potential and impact of video. But by collecting video data and understanding your video analytics, your video content has the potential to grow to a whole new level. You can use all the insights about your audience to improve your video content and grow your ROIs on video in the end. All in all, Casper’s passion is to help and educate others to perform better and video is one of the biggest marketing potentials right now.

This event is organised by fellow member TwentyThree and open to attend