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Managing Uncertainty – how to navigate life’s transition

28 May 2024
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How do we to best deal with big life changes?

28 May 2024
17:00 – 18:00
Online webinar
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Have you ever had a big life event alter the course of the direction that you thought you were headed for or had to make a big decision that could potentially change your life?

Recording and extra Resources

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The webinar series, Managing Uncertainty continues exploring how to best manage change that affect us personally or professionally. This webinar will focus on personal develop and will explore how to navigate life transitions, big or small, be it in our jobs or personal lives.

We are delighted to bring you three leading experts within personal development within neuroscience and leadership development. They will share their views and best practice based on scientific research on how to best manage these transformations successfully.

We will deep dive into questions like. We will explore ‘’why’’ questions to help deeper understand ourselves and our surrounding better, while giving you some practical ‘’what to do’’ to you get the tools to manage change better and build a fruitful life.

Overarching questions will be:

  • How do we to best deal with big life changes?
  • What characterises people who deal with change well?
  • Why do some people deal better with change than others?
  • Is there anything we can do to navigate transitions better?
  • If so, what are those practical tools?

The event will be run like a panel / dynamic fireside chat on May 28th 2024. It will be from 5-6 PM GMT / 18-19 DK TIME, a link will be shared via e-mail before the event.

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16:45-17:00: Webinar open

17:01-17:05: Welcome by DKUK Managing Director, Gunnar Larsen

17:06-17:10: Formalities and introduction of speakers by facilitator Sofie Dralle 

17:11-17:50: Panel Discussion ‘’Fireside Chat’’

17:50-17:58: Q&A

1800: Thank you and close

Ingrid Feldbæk Wredstrøm

Ingrid Feldbæk Wredstrøm is a certified coach, speaker, and DISC consultant with The Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

Educated as a teacher Ingrid has years of experience in helping people navigate different aspects of life, becoming better versions of themselves, and learning the art of communication. Founding a private school and being a principal has given her years of experience establishing and running a complex organization. Ingrid has been involved in politics in Denmark as a city council politician and has been active in national politics for some years.


Bruna De Palo

Bruna De Palo is a Neuroscience-based Executive and Team Coach with over 3000 hours of coaching experience. She coaches executives and teams from finance, banking, pharmaceutical, and tech giants, including Google, Meta, American Express, and more. Through her innovative neuroscience-based approach, she also teaches them how the human brain works in simple, practical, and tangible terms so that they can better understand what’s happening beneath the surface in themselves and others. Through her 1:1 and team coaching sessions, her clients learn how to decode human behavior, gaining a competitive edge in facing change and driving growth.

If your job is to make a positive impact, hers is to help you make it faster by leveraging neuroscience. You may read more on her website here. You may also view or download Bruna’s Coaching Deck below.


Bruna De Palo, Neuroscience-based Executive and Team Coach, PCC
[email protected]

Søren Lynge

Søren Lynge is a leading expert within personal development focusing on building personal habits that can help transform your life. He act as a Managing Director at Danish “Center for Cognitive Development”, which for over 20 years has developed and aggregating evidence based research on mental tools with proven effects on creating positive change in people’s lives. There he has been a part of developing the ground breaking method ‘’what works’’ to help people break the pattern of negative thinking.

He has also created the training programme called ‘’The Lynge Method’’ (Red: Lyngemetoden in Danish) that both educated new mental coaches and trains people in developing mental health skills. In addition, he has written 9 books and held over more than 3.500 seminars to help people achieve a sense of joy, balance and the success in life they are hoping for. His programmes have 97% success rated and are launching in UK, November 2024.


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Sofie Annikki Dralle , Facilitator

Sofie is a senior management consultant at PA Consulting and sits on the Board of DKUK. She specialises in managing organisational transformation driven by IT and cyber threats while getting people through the journey successfully with least amount of disruption by e.g., creating and embedding good governance and managing risks.

Sofie created and facilitated this webinar series since the past four years, focusing on change and transformation exploring socio, political, economical, legal, technological and environmental opportunities and threat. She brings in experts who share and debate their thought leadership.

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