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Net Positive Group: The link between finance and sustainability

28 November 2022
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How to gain a competitive advantage by attracting capital markets to your organisation. Make sustainability a strategic opportunity

28 November 2022
14:00 – 16:00
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Free - by invitation only

In this Net Positive Group meeting we will discuss the link between finance and sustainability. We’re delighted to be accompanied by Irene Bermont-Penn, Sustainable Financial Solutions and Climate Market Specialist at Bloomberg L.P.

Corporates and financial markets have a huge role to play in delivering national commitments to transition and the Paris Agreement. Financial markets are the vehicle for financing this transition.

Irene will give us insight into and lead a discussion around the market landscape today, regulatory requirements, emerging themes, and financing the transition post COP27.

We encourage our participants to bring experiences, challenges, and ideas from their own companies. Chatham House Rules apply.

This event is by invitation only.

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14.00 Arrival, coffee and network

14.20 Welcome by group leader and DKUK Board member, Jessie Frahm

14.30 Welcome and introduction, Irene Bermont-Penn

15.00 Open discussion, sharing best practice, thoughts discussed, ideas shared – all under Chatham House Rules

15.50 Sum up

16.00 End of programme

Irene Bermont-Penn, Sustainable Financial Solutions and Climate Market Specialist, Bloomberg L.P.

Irene has extensive knowledge of ESG, sustainable finance and climate-related topics, and a deep understanding of the needs of financial markets participants in this space.

She works with Bloomberg’s clients across the various aspects of sustainable finance solutions as a workflow, data and product specialist.

Prior to joining Bloomberg, Irene was an Equity Research Analyst at UBS Investment Bank.

The DKUK Net Positive Group is for a sub group and by invitation only of senior management DKUK members, who aim to lead their organisation towards Net Zero / Net Positive.

Therefore, our most influential leaders are invited to meet around their common agenda for creating sustainability within their organisations to discuss and share experiences within this field. 

We invite the members to take part in our quarterly briefings where they meet to discuss specific areas of sustainability that impact all businesses. This could be (but are not limited too) sessions around data collection and governance, carbon offsetting agendas, the impact of finance as a driver of green initiatives, or how to nurture social responsibility meaningfully.

In each session, we will have a theme and a leading expert will share a few insights with the group to seed a fruitful discussion.

Chatham House rules will apply at each meeting as this is a unique opportunity for our Net Positive leaders to voice unique challenges and opportunities they are dealing with in a safe space.

The group is initiated by DKUK Board member Jessie Frahm

Attending this group is by invitation only. For more about this group and any ideas of initiating other groups connect with Gunnar P Larsen, Managing Director, DKUK.