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Retention of Danish Citizenship

5 December 2023
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Danes Worldwide always recommends, that Danish children born abroad apply for retention of Danish citizenship. This webinar will explain the rules, the application process and answer your questions

5 December 2023
15:00 – 16:00
Online webinar
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If you are a Danish citizen, who is born outside of Denmark and has one or more citizenships, then you must apply for retention of your Danish citizenship before the age of 22. If you do not apply for retention, then you may be at risk of automatically forfeiting your Danish citizenship upon your 22nd birthday. That is why we always recommend Danish children born abroad to apply for retention of citizenship.

At the webinar, Carline Ulrich, legal advisor at Danes Worldwide, will explain the requirements for retaining Danish citizenship and the process of applying for it.

We would like to emphasize that this webinar does not cover the rules of reacquisition of Danish citizenship (Learn more about about reacquisition here).

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  • What is retention of Danish citizenship and who is it relevant for
  • The requirements for retaining Danish citizenship
  • The EU Court’s decision from 2019, known as the Tjebbes-ruling, and why it is relevant for Danish retention cases
  • Deadline and submission of application

After the presentation it will be possible to ask questions.

Caroline Ulrich

Legal advisor at Danes Worldwide