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Shirley Valentine

5 May 2022
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Vivienne McKee stars as Shirley Valentin, at the Copenhagen Theatre ved Sorte Hest, Denmark

5 May 2022
17:00 – 21:00
Teatret ved Sorte Hest
Vesterbrogade 150
København V
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40-205 kr.

Vivienne McKee stars as Shirley Valentine in this witty comedy about a fun-loving woman trapped in “lockdown“ dull domesticity. Married to an unthinking husband and distanced from her selfish grown-up children, Shirley is forced to talk to a wall for company.

We meet her in the prison of her kitchen where she is cooking supper for her husband. She keeps the blues at bay with a bottle of wine and her infectious wit. What follows is an odyssey, a voyage of self-discovery, as she takes the “wall” into her confidence and relates hilarious anecdotes of her youth, motherhood and marriage. Suddenly she reveals that she has been offered a chance to escape her routine existence. But what would happen if she dares to break out and find her true self?

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The show will be running from April 21st – May 5th.

A word from the director

Shirley Valentine is a joyful call to grab our courage and embrace our dreams. Trapped at home, cooking egg and chips for her husband, Shirley wonders what has happened to young woman she used to be. She yearns for a more exciting life but doubts that she has the courage, or even the right,to pursue her dreams.

This isn’t a classic play for no reason. Masterfully written by Willy Russell, one of Britain’s best loved writers, known for his portrayal of working class Liverpudlian life, Shirley Valentine is honest, funny and moving – an inspiring call to live your life to its’ full potential.  

There’s a growing visibility of older women in life and the arts.  First performed in 1986, the piece is a reminder of how far women have come and how much further we have to go.  It’s still the case women tend to bear the burden of child rearing and home making to the detriment of their own dreams and wellbeing.  

But the sense of having lost a part of ourselves in the day to day demands of life is universal.  

Especially right now, when the impacts of Covid have led many of us to look again at our lives. Just like Shirley we’re asking questions about what really matters. After two years of restrictions we are all yearning for the freedom, travel and adventure that Shirley embarks upon making Shirley Valentine is the perfect antidote to the (post?) pandemic blues. 

Drawing on her depth and sophistication as an actor as well as her celebrated comedic talents, Vivienne McKee brings her personal spirit of adventure to this iconic role and I am really looking forward to return to Copenhagen and work with her and Shirley. 

Helen Tennison