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Sustainability and the future of Energy

23 April 2021
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How can cleantech and flexibility enable a carbon neutral energy supply?

23 April 2021
8:30 – 9:30
Online Webinar
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The Passion

It is a series of seminars is formed and shaped by DKUK’s Young Professionals (YP) members who have a passion for this topic. They are partnering up with industry leaders, experts and academics to ask questions and to learn about different approaches to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7 calls “Affordable and Clean Energy”. 

“The future electricity market will be decentralised and more dependent on digital tools, and flexibility is the key to success,” states Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director, European Commission.

The vision of the European regulator for the future of energy aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 by setting target for states and enterprises to make progress on energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources by 2030. 

But how do they do it? What are the drivers? What are the obstacles? Lots of questions. 

To tell us we invite you to meet 3 leading players in each their way from the European energy market who are working towards affordable and clean energy utilising new technologies and shaping the regulatory agenda.

Join us to explore these questions, and take away lessons learned and visions that can help drive this forward. This is an event for business leaders, young professionals and less young professionals alike – no difference as it involves us all!

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Craig Lucas

Craig has over 25 years’ experience, in both industry and government, mostly in senior roles in the energy sector, but also in rail and telecoms sectors. An electrical engineer by profession, he is a recognised expert on energy systems, energy sector development, regulatory and policy development and research and development (R&D) and innovation management, especially thinking about how new technology might transform the energy system, the business models of the players in the sector, and the customer experience of dealing with energy.

Previously, a Director in the UK government responsible for a £500m capital R&D programme, management of engineering and science expertise to support to energy policy, and oversight of the UK climate science capability. Was a board member of a public-private research institution which invested £400-500m in energy projects.

Mott MacDonald is a global engineering, management and development consultancy firm headquartered in the UK.

Klaus Skytte – CEO

Klaus Skytte is CEO of Nordic Energy Research. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and has worked in fields related to energy, climate and the environment since 1996 – both in the Nordic region and internationally.

Klaus comes from a position as Head of Energy Economics and Regulation at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He has been a member of the The Energy Board of Appeal in Denmark, and has served as Denmark’s national expert in the international ISGAN collaboration on Smart Grids.  Klaus also served on the board and chaired a program under the European Energy Research Alliance ERRA.

Nordic Energy Research is the platform for cooperative energy research and policy development under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers. We have a staff of 15 and are based in Oslo together with our sister organisations Nordforsk and Nordic Innovation.

Jane Cooper – Head of Stakeholder Relations & Regulatory Affairs

Jane Cooper is Head of Stakeholder Relations & Regulatory Affairs for Ørsted in the UK. She was previously Head of Economic Regulation for Orange UK and worked as an aerothermal engineer at Rolls Royce Industrial and Marine Gas Turbines in Coventry. She is a Board Member for ECITB and is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.

Logo of Ørsted

Ørsted is a well-known global leader in off-shore wind energy development and develops, constructs, and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants, and provides energy products to its customers.

James Johnston – CEO

CEO of Piclo since co-founding the business in 2013,  James has over 12 years’ experience leading teams developing innovative software platforms in the renewables and utilities sector. Prior to Piclo, James researched direct current microgrids at University of Strathclyde, was an engineer at international consultancy firm Arup and was the founder of Solar Sketch.  

Founded on a vision of a world powered by cheap and abundant renewable electricity, Piclo is on a mission to make our energy system smart, flexible and clean, faster. Piclo Flex is an independent marketplace for trading energy flexibility online. The platform leverages the latest digital technology to enable electricity networks to buy flexibility services that help balance the grid from technologies such as electric vehicles and battery storage.     

Energy system overall

1. What are the main drivers behind the transformation of our energy system? 

2. What are the obstacles that prevent us from relying solely on sustainable energy sources? 

Electricity system

3. What is “energy flexibility” and how do you think consumers will buy, supply and consume energy going forward?  

Barriers and Enablers

4. What is the regulatory agenda and developments that shape the energy market at present? 

5. Technology plays an important role in enabling the transition to the new energy market design – what are the main energy cleantech trends and the problems that we’re trying to solve with the new tech? 

6. What market trend do you want to accelerate to provide clean and affordable energy for all Europeans / globally? 


7. Are we generally on track to achieve targets set for 2050? If not, what needs to be addressed?

8. Do you see established grids as sufficient infrastructure to enable the green transition?


All times given are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
08.30Log-in, Welcome and setting the scene by YP Member Nadia Sergejuk 
08.35Moderated Panel Discussion
Moderated by Craig Lucas, Director – Energy Transformation, Mott Macdonald
Jane Cooper, Head of Stakeholder Relations & Regulatory Affairs, Ørsted
Klaus Skytte, CEO, Nordic Energy Research
James Johnston, CEO, Piclo 
09.15Open Q&A Session
09.30End of Programme

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Open for all to participate this series of seminars is formed and shaped by DKUK’s Young Professionals (YP) members who have a passion for this topic. They are partnering up with industry leaders, experts and academics to ask questions and to learn about different approaches to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. Together we explore this universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

The YPs welcome fellow members and friends to connect if you can introduce leaders and businesses with a strong SDG vision who would be willing to be part of the series.