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A taste of trends: low/no alcohol in 2023

20 October 2022
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Are you impacted by the low/no alcohol sector in 2023?

20 October 2022
14:30 – 16:00
Virtual Event
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Whether seeking abstinence or moderation, consumers are choosing low/no alcohol drinks in their droves, but who are these consumers and why are they choosing low and alcohol-free drinks? With the sector projected to increase 31% by 2024, it is an exciting time to be operating in the space. Join the expert panel as they predict how the trend will develop, and what consumers be looking for in 2023 and beyond.

Digging into the detail of what is happening within the low/no alcohol sector, panelists will focus the areas which are seeing the most growth. They will unpack what makes drinks stand out in a competitive landscape, from taste profile and mouthfeel to packaging and brand values.

In the expert panel, find an exciting cross-range of speakers from a market researcher, specialising in alcohol trends, to alcohol free business owners sharing their personal and commercial experience. After hearing the insights and advice of the panel, take part in an interactive Q&A to have your pressing questions answered.

Panel Chair: Sonia Harrach
with expert panellists Thorsten Hartmann, Brendan Williams, David Begg and Rob Fink

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