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The best of times, the worst of times: A people leadership event

5 October 2023
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Join Atara Partners in a compelling discussion about navigating the ever-changing tech landscape from a HR perspective

5 October 2023
15:00 – 16:00
Abbey Road Studios
3 Abbey Rd
United Kingdom
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The tech sector has gone through a real rollercoaster journey over these past 10 years. The pace of growth was unprecedented and this turned into a lightspeed growth post-Covid with significant investments being made into the start-up world and the mindset seemed to shift to growth at all costs.

However, this hasn’t lasted forever, the sector has since been met with the economic crash of late 2022/23 and companies have been forced to cut headcount, pull back investments and try and extend their cash runways just to survive.

As a result of the above, HR & People leadership have been at the forefront and we have the likes of Trecilla & David sharing their experiences of not only the good times and how to manage growth, looking at hiring, performance, rewards/incentives, culture, health & well-being BUT also how you cover and manage these same topics and responsibilities when things fall off a cliff and also share best practice on how to manage scenarios when everything is not going as planned. 

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