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Top ten challenges when creating a Single Customer View

17 June 2021
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The golden record is the holy grail of customer data. Having a single view of all your customers’ contact, behavioral and transactional information is invaluable to any business – but it’s not easy to obtain.

17 June 2021
10:00 – 11:00
Online webinar
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While there are many solutions claiming to deliver this holy grail, in reality they often fall short on their promises. This leaves marketers with an incomplete and inaccurate view of their customers. 

On 17 June, Agillic’s CXO Rasmus Houlind and Novicell’s Data Value Manager Jens Grønkjær will host a webinar to discuss the challenges and best practices of utilizing your customer data to personalize communication.

Find out how Molslinjen, one of the world’s largest ferry companies, managed to increase lifetime value per customer by using behavioral and emotional customer data, such as net promoter score, tickets purchased, purpose of trip, online behavior and much more.

You will also learn:

  • How to use minimal data to build a single customer view 
  • How to tap into the internet of things when it comes to customer behavior
  • How to leverage third party data
  • …and much more

Disclaimer: As this webinar is hosted by DKUK member, Novicell and Agillic, by signing up, you will consent to sharing your contact details with them.