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Virtual cheese tasting for YP members

1 March 2022
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Interactive and cheesy social - bring your friends and meet like-minded young professionals

1 March 2022
18:30 – 20:00
Online - Zoom
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£34 incl. delivery £27.50 pick up in London

The Danish UK Associations’ Young Professionals have planned a virtual social. It’ll be a pre-ordered cheese tasting with La Fromagerie. The session is pre-recorded and for logistics, it is best we each individually purchase the tasting kit and then we will host a Zoom call that everyone can join during the tasting.

This event is open to all YP’s, and is a chance for Danes in the UK to meet and find like-minded young professionals. Even if you’re not Danish, you’re more than welcome to come and join in the fun!

We are all big fans of La Fromagerie and participated ourselves in multiple virtual events hosted by them (they are fab) so can ensure good quality and quantities (plenty for two). So entice your house mate, partner, family in and participate as two 🙂 

  • Order details
  • Young Professional
  • Order the cheese directly from La Fromagerie
  • Make sure to order the British box
  • Choose ‘ Monday 28th February for collection / delivery
  • If you’re in London, you can collect in person – cost: £27.50
  • Once you have ordered your cheese- contact Deanne at the DKUK office to let her know so that we can send your pre-recorded virtual session and zoom link for interaction, you can keep this for yourself, as we will also share it on 1st March.

Are you a Young Professional?

Well in the obtic of the Danish-UK Association that is anyone just before they turn the age of 35. So that includes a lot, and we welcome anyone. Danies and British are welcome and so are anyone else.

We can also encourage you to become a member of the Assocations YP network. They have their own council, take the lead on all sort of activities from social events to career furthering, trade improving, global visionary ambitions. DKUK have the place and starting out from London, it is pretty international.

Check out what a membership entails and how cheap it is and why not join today. You will find more at the following link and the YP membership is listed under “Individual Membership”