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Web 3 – Managing Uncertainty – Web3 Ecosystems

9 June 2022
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This event will explore Web3, the evolution of the internet and discuss the uncertainty that the change in technology brings to business.

9 June 2022
17:00 – 18:00
Online webinar
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Thank you very much to all who participated and contributed to this webinar on Web 3. Very inspirational and plenty to take away, that will set you on your way to a web3.0 world and what it entails.

If you attended and liked please leave a testimonial at the bottom of the page. The speakers let alone the Young Professionals that made this event possible – deservces all the praise they can get.

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We will take deep dive into the new iteration of the World Wide Web, based on decentralized blockchain technology and discuss the fundamental differences between Web3 and previous versions of the internet.

Within this, we will further explore the many layers of Web3 and uncover the fundamental differences and uncover the opportunities and threats Web3 brings businesses and consumers and discuss how the ecosystems are structured.

This includes an explanation of concepts including DAO’s and NFT’s, together with an overview of how Crypto economies and the Meta Verses tie into it. Our aim is to build an understanding of how the internet has fundamentally changed and what this will mean to businesses and consumers.

The webinar will take place on 9th June 5:00 PM GMT/6 PM CET online as a fireside panel event

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Sarah Buxton, COO, Gala Games CEO Gala Music

I have never had ‘a job’, in part because I always wanted power over my choices. My entrepreneurial nature, for better or worse, is driven by wanting to feel a true sense of freedom and ownership. That is something blockchain gives you and so Gala Games is a natural place for me.

Before joining Gala just over a year ago, I spent a lot of time in FinTech amongst other major industries and realised a real discrepancy between the people who have and the people who have not, and realised that technology alone is not going to fix that. Blockchain in a gaming environment really enables the general public who want to play games to access a fairer and more equitable world and that excites me. If games can do that, so can music and I’m delighted to be part of building a new decentralized future with Gala Music now too.

Omar Hamidi, Web3 Specialist from PA Consulting

Omar is part of PA Consulting’s Architecture team  and works with next-gen technologies such as Web3.0 that has a potential to disrupt our society as we know it. PA’s Web3.0 team helps to create knowledge and strategies that can help businesses to gain a competitive advantage and be ready to capitalise on the opportunities.

Paul Dowling, Co-Founder at Dreamblocks

Paul has over 30 years’ experience of working in technology and management consulting firms. He has also spent the last 10 years working with start-up founders and investors in the European technology start-up eco-system. He is a regular speaker at international start-up events and mentors several leading accelerators. Paul is passionate about the potential for large and medium sized organisations to innovate through web 3.0 and artificial intelligence. Paul is Director of Mndstream AI and DreamBlocks. 

Kasper Mai Joergensen, CFO at Web3.0 Foundation

Focused on enabling WEB3. The vision of the serverless internet, the decentralised web. An internet where users are in control of their own data, identity and destiny. I have 18 years of finance and compliance experience. Enabling business, superior processes and compliance has been key focus areas in entrepreneurial and fast paced environment.

Esben Stockmarr, Entrepreneur

Esben is an entrepreneur and executive with more than 12 years of experience across technology and finance. Esben is a co-founder of Uruz Labs, a Fintech and Web3 focused venture studio, and a partner at Opes Investment Group, an international investment and advisory group. Esben is currently also involved with FOPE, a grass-root football DAO, supporting grassroots football, and promoting equality and opportunity by sponsoring underprivileged youth footballers. FOPE brings together grass-roots football with established football clubs and players to create a decentralised and tokenised ecosystem promoting inclusive football with community-driven training, scouting, training and development. 

16:45-17:00Room opens
17:00Log on & welcome
17:05Fireside chat
Kasper Mai Joergensen, CFO at Web3.0 Foundation
Paul Downing, Co-Founder at Dreamblocks
Sarah Buxton, COO at Gala Games and CEO at Gala Music
Omar Hamidi – Web3 Specialist from PA Consulting
Esben Stockmarr, Entrepreneur

Moderated by:
Sofie Dralle, DKUK Young Professional Board Member
17:45 Q&A 
18:00End of programme