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Webinar: Web Accessibility – Increase Your Website’s Accessibility and Performance

2 September 2020
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Learn how to create accessible website content and inclusive designs that will get you ahead of increasing regulation and take your website’s performance to the next level.

2 September 2020
11:00 – 12:00
Online Webinar
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Web accessibility and ensuring your content can be consumed by all people is one of the most important issues facing online businesses today. Building an accessible website will not only get you ahead of increasing regulation – if you follow the rules to make a website more accessible, you will also be implementing the best practices associated with mobile web design, usability and search engine optimisation. 

In this webinar, we’ll walk through how to create accessible website content and more inclusive designs that will set you up for the current and coming regulations. You will get an introduction to web accessibility and an explanation of the impact of the EU legislation and WCAG 2.1, along with concrete tools and tips for making your website more accessible.   

Join Tobias Christian Jensen and Freddie Green to learn about:   

  • What web accessibility is and the current and future requirements 
  • The tools available to enhance accessibility and performance 
  • Best practices and tips for designers, developers, marketers and project managers 
  • Next Generation Accessibility 
  • Speakers

Freddie Green

Creative Director, Novicell UK

Freddie has over 15 years’ experience as a Digital Creative Director, focusing on Brand and Digital Innovation for large-scale organisations and SMEs in both the UK and internationally. Over the years, Freddie has developed and refined a User Experience (UX) process and related techniques that have helped businesses manage large-scale digital transformation projects while inherently remaining user focused.

Tobias Christian Jensen

Digital Accessibility Specialist, Siteimprove

Tobias has worked with web accessibility for 10 years. Today he is overseeing that Siteimprove’s own products can be used by all persons, regardless of individual users’ abilities. Tobias has done a series of workshops and talks on the subject of Digital Accessibility, teaching designers, developers, quality engineers, project managers, and business leaders the importance of getting it right and how to get it done.