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Webinar: Humanising the customer experience

9 December 2020
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How should brands approach the challenge of delivering a relevant digital experience for each person who engages with them?

9 December 2020
14:00 – 15:00
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During this webinar, we will explore the disconnect between what a company knows about its customers and how they leverage that knowledge to humanise and deliver hyper-personalised experiences.

During the webinar we’ll explore: 

  • How to add the human to the Digital Customer Experience
  • The role of AI in scaling human experiences 
  • Why it’s not data that matters but data density
  • How to act in real-time 
  • Driving connected experiences 
  • Build detailed customer profiles

Who is this session relevant for: 

Marketers who are interested in learning how to leverage customer data to build tailored customer experiences.

Disclaimer: This event isn’t hosted by DKUK. When signing up, it’ll be on DKUK member company Agillic’s web.