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Webinar with NCVO: Integrating Social Impact into Core Business Activities

24 June 2020
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Our world faces a number of great challenges, from covid-19 and climate change to population growth and urbanisation. A social innovation approach can help leaders to find innovative and commercially viable solutions to these challenges.

24 June 2020
10:30 – 11:30
Online webinar
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Many leaders feel they have a responsibility to support their organisation through sustainable business practices and for these, achieving social impact through social innovation is an important strategy. Organisations that align social progress with core business interests see social and environmental issues as opportunities for growth, innovation and differentiation rather than as costs imposed on the business by society to be minimised.

Through practical real-life examples, this webinar will explore:

  • Different motivations to adopt social impact practices
  • Opportunities to align social impact with core business interests
  • How to plan for greater social impact
  • Steps to impact measurements
  • About the facilitator
  • About NCVO

Sini Rinne-Kerridge is a senior consultant at NCVO, the largest network for charities and volunteering. For close to two decades she has worked with a wide range of organisations as a trainer, evaluator and strategy analyst, planning for and assessing impact and effectiveness of initiatives aimed at improving social and economic wellbeing.

NCVO are the biggest source of support for charities, community groups and social enterprises. Their expert guidance on governance, evaluation, volunteer management and more helps charities run effectively and make a bigger impact. NCVO connects, represents and supports over 15,000 member organisations ranging from big medical research charities to local amateur sports clubs. At their heart, they all have the aim of making the world around them a better place.