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What to do with all the future?

17 August 2020
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Are we on brink of a new post-digital age - Business Modernism?

17 August 2020
14:00 – 15:00
Online webinar - Zoom
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Thank you to everyone that joined us for a great webinar with Nils Elmark. The webinar was kindly hosted by DKUK member ‘Studio Roo‘. 

For those who would like to see it again or those of you who were unable to join us, please find the recording here below and feel free to share!

We are in the middle of the biggest global economic setback in 75 years and never have so many people and businesses changed their behaviors and values in such a short time. The coronavirus crisis has turned our value-systems upside down and may just have pushed us even closer to the new business era, which means that we may be on the brink of a new post-digital age – Business Modernism.

Ecosystem Economy, Power of the Crowd, New Globalism and technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are shaping our lives in a greater way than we may realise and in that create opportunities beyond the imagination of most.

In this webinar Danish Young Professionals partner up with consulting futurist Nils Elmark, who works to identify future mega trends for an impressive list of international mega brands. We will look at how young professionals should consider future trends that are of vital importance for their future working life as well as looking at what employers of the future will expect from the modern workforce and how one should “block the noise” and learn to navigate in the constant stream of information.

We will re-think globalization and try to understand the need for a new operating system that can handle people and technology at the same time. Nils will tell us more about the term “adventurous leader” and why we need them to develop future organizations that are driven by dazzling new technology with a solid interface with humans.

Following your registration, a link to the Zoom platform will be emailed to you.

Speaker: Nils Elmark – Founder of consultancy Incepcion

Founder of consultancy Incepcion, has been advising international businesses for 20 years, conducting development projects for companies such as IKEA, H&M, Procter & Gamble and a host of Scandinavian financial organizations.

He teaches strategy and future studies at the Danish Business Institute and has previously written three books about technology business innovation and creative strategic communications.

Nils is an opinion columnist for CEOWORLD magazine, and author of The New Local Economy (LID Publishing, 2019)