Achieving Differentiation through Digital Innovation

iShipping, to Digital Ship, means making the best possible use of data and digital technology to make the shipping industry operate as safely and efficiently, with the best possible quality of life of people involved, as we possibly can.  

Data is not the “new oil” (or the “new shipping”) But better use of digital technologies can improve its contribution to efficiency and safety, and in a world of fine margins, that can mean the critical difference between survival and failure.   

By iShipping we mean the right piece of data in the right place at the right time to support decision making, helping us run our vessels as efficiently and safely as possible, giving us fast access to the right expert in the event of any problem, and getting that expert the right data to help them resolve it.

Efficiency and safety involves increasingly high levels of vessel performance, improving maintenance and purchasing strategies, being fully prepared for vetting inspections, and making the right decisions about crewing, new builds, equipment and scrapping. It means making sure seafarers and superintendents have the right understanding of what is going on, both from their training and from the information that is given to them. It means people feeling clear about what is expected from them, rather than overloaded by information.   

Delivering digital systems which provide this is an enormous technical and organisational challenge, requiring empathy, extensive modelling of what the organisation does and the people do. Technically it requires the most we can get from our satcom, software systems, e-navigation systems and other electronics. It also involves a lot of communications.  

Getting this right is what we call ‘i-Shipping’. At our 3rd iShipping Copenhagen on 5 September 2019, we’ll learn more what is required to deliver true iShipping and create the best shipping industry that we are capable of.


Topics to be covered include:   

  • Digitalisation – how should shipping companies determine how best to allocate their resources? 
  • Satellite communications – which services have the most to offer a shipping company and how should they choose? 
  • Cybersecurity – what are the best practical steps a shipping company can take to maximising it? 
  • Data integration and sharing – how can a shipping company get more value from their data through better sharing?


No admission charge for ship owners, operators, managers and builders.

Read more about the event here: 

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