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Minerva Global is an international edible nut trading and import organisation based in the United Kingdom focusing on almond, hazelnut and other nut imports into Europe. At Minerva Global, we live and breathe the nut industry. You’ll see it in our passion for the international edible nut markets and trading, including almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts and other nut import. We offer honest advice and support on everything from market information, logistical planning, 100% contract performance and foreign exchange services where required.

The edible nut industry can be difficult to understand for both buyers and manufacturers. Keeping up to date with the pricing of the many items they need to buy, buying when the market is right and avoiding quality issues are just a few of the critical areas. Without specialist advice and navigation, business suffers. This is where the experts at Minerva Global come in.

The team assembled at Minerva Global has a wealth of experience in building close relationships with its clients, particularly those in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria thanks to its multilingual capability. Furthermore, the team speaks more than sixteen languages and has a wealth of experience in international trading and dealing with imports and exports of edible nuts from all over the world. The team has extensive knowledge of shipping, import information and Inco Terms and a range of contacts within the transport industry. With a passion to continually learn, the team regularly visits warehousing facilities, shipping lines and local port health authorities. No detail is too small.

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