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Corporate membership of the DKUK offers many opportunities for businesses of all sizes to expand a network of business connections, to grow and share industry knowledge and to increase visibility.

£475–£1750 (exc VAT) - annually

Our membership options are designed to reflect your expectations of the community you are joining. Read on for all the details of what’s on offer for corporate members.

Build your relationships. Shape your understanding. Increase your visibility.

  • Membership details
  • Membership fee
  • The Small Print

Connections and knowledge.
Our busy calendar of events offers every opportunity for making valuable connections. For corporate members we organise a variety of industry/job-function specific and knowledge share events often hosted from within the membership. Take a look at our schedule of upcoming events to get the flavour of what’s on.  

It’s our business to know your business and our interest in our corporate members extends to making formal introductions within and beyond the membership as and when specific requests for services are made to us. Please note that whilst we make these kind of connections very warmly, we do not offer any opinion on either party.

Increasing visibility. 
Corporate members are invited to set up a profile page on our website; submit news, editorial or announcements for our news and social media channels; promote a member-only offer; leverage the reach of our job board; publicise your own events, co-host one specifically for the membership or sponsor a DKUK event.

For all the details read our easy guide to increasing your presence.

Offers, tasters and discounts are a great way to reach a new audience and to check out new suppliers or partners. Putting together an offer specifically for the membership is easy with our secure offer centre.

Member facilities.
Via our member facility partners Club Quarters Hotels we offer business lounge facilities. The club aspect of your corporate membership extends your business reach to hot-desking, meeting room and fitness room for all your named card holders (two, three or four depending on the size of your business).

Corporate membership also entitles all members of your staff to a discount on all hotel rooms at any of the Club Quarters Hotels’ locations across London and internationally – for business or leisure purpose. See offer centre for details.

Patrons Circle.

If your interest in the Association extends beyond the benefits above we warmly encourage you to consider joining our Patrons Circle. Enjoy invitations to attend various exclusive functions and meetings where your input for furthering the Association’s objectives will be welcomed. Find out more here.

Corporate Membership Fees
(see further down for details of each membership type)
Excl VAT per AnnumIncluding VAT
Large membership fee£1750£2100
Medium membership fee£850£1020
Small/Micro membership fee£475£579
Patrons Circle Optional extra for all members w extra benefits  £2950£3540

With effect from April 2024

This is an annual membership payable by direct debit or BACs. We use GoCardless to collect direct debits, and we would like you to encourage you to do this as it will save us time on administration.

The principal behind corporate membership is – the broader shoulders carry more – ensuring as fair a fee structure as possible.

The following sets out what fee your company will pay

Large Corporate Membership fee

  • At least one of these applies:
    • UK turnover £10 million or more
    • UK staff number 100 employees or more
    • UK assets are £5 million or more
  • OR if the following is the case
    • Global Group turnover is more than DKK 1 billion / £120 million
    • Global Group staff number more than 250 employees
    • Global Group Assets are more than £500 million

Medium Corporate Membership fee

  • At least one of the flowing applies:
    • UK Turnover between £1 million and £10 million
    • UK Staff numbers between 10 and 100 employees
    • UK assets between £5 million and £0.5 million

Small/micro Corporate Membership fee

  • At least one of the following applies
    • UK Turnover £1 million or less
    • UK Staff numbers 10 employees or fewer
    • UK assets £0.5 million or less

For any questions to the corporate membership categories please do contact us.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel you may give one month’s notice from your membership anniversary in writing by email to accounts or to the Managing Director or Chairman of the DKUK.


The Membership is subject to the general Ts&Cs and the DKUK Articles of Association found with our Policies.