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Family Members

Whether you are a living inside or outside London’s orbital road the M25 – are for the families keen to stay connected with the DKUK community whether it is for friendship, culture, trade or any combination of same.

£200–£375 (inc VAT)
Please note
This membership is for a family with up to 2 parents/guardians and their direct dependants.
Membership subject to the general Ts&Cs and the DKUK Articles of Association

We are all working together to add value for each other, fostering and maintaining relations between the United Kingdom and Kingdom of Denmark.

This membership enables you and family to connect with others, nurture friendships and enjoy our full calendar of events, and if you are interested in networking, build and/or maintain your network to the DKUK community and beyond.

There is a lot going on that you must join in with and our founding belief is that we are a ‘Forening’ – a word that best translates from Danish as ‘Association’ or ‘Fellowship’, meaning we are member-driven. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. Let us outline a few of them here.

  • Membership details
  • Cancellation policy

It is very much our busy calendar of formal and informal, industry specific, job function and business/social/cultural events that are the beating heart of DKUK’s activity and you have the privilege to bring guests along member or not at the discounted rate. Do take a look at our schedule of upcoming events, including events arranged by fellow members open to you too!

Fellow members are making special offers to fellow members. Check out what offers are available right now to you as member

Two named access card to Club Quarter’s 4 London venues. Great place for a break when exploring London with complimentary refreshments, newspaper, wifi, and discounted 4 star hotel accommodation with fitness facilities, and may we add business lounge facilities offering a great places for ad-hoc hot desking, casual or formal meetings. Check out the facilities!!

Not to forget

  • Enjoy special offers and discounts at Club Quarters Hotels
  • and would you like to join in and help adding value to DKUK activities, then please let us know by email to Reception or call +44 207 259 6795.

If you wish to cancel you may give one month’s notice from your membership anniversary in writing by email to accounts or post to the Managing Director or Chairman of the DKUK.

Club cards are subject to renewal every year and access to Club Quarters are subject to change over time.