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Editorial by Nina N. Jacobsen, CEO of Biites

November 1, 2019

Biites.com is a Danish scale-up business, originating in Copenhagen and currently expanding into the UK.

Dear Members & Readers, 

We have had the pleasure of being asked to contribute to this editorial and are very happy to get the chance to meet all of you!

The Biites platform is an online film and video hub, gathering and promoting the best in corporate film across brands and countries. The Danish press has named us “The Netflix for Branded Content”. We are breaking new ground in the vibrant digital media business, as our business model and concept is a novelty, positioned in the intersection of marketing, media and tv-production. This has proven to be both fun and challenging, as new ideas almost always are.

The UK market has been very receptive to our business model and the opportunities we offer companies. The larger UK market is several steps ahead of Denmark, when it comes to branded content video and branded storytelling. To our delight, British clients and agencies have been very welcoming of the new platform and we are entering into a number of exciting new partnerships (and into a large number of planes, flying back and forth!)

The membership of the DKUK association has been a valuable source of advice and network. From all the basic considerations about launching a business in a new market to making relevant introductions to both Danish and Brits. Curiously, I’ve experienced a number of times that meeting fellow Danes abroad is bit like discovering distant family relations, that instinctively wish to help you along. It’s sort of the opposite of our traditional “Jantelov” – and quite refreshing! The DKUK Association is no doubt an important factor, contributing to this.

Finally, I’ll share a little about the background for Biites.  Biites was created in Copenhagen about two years ago by a small group of people, aiming to design a new way to address the need for alternatives to existing social media platforms. At the time, we were working with companies that created corporate documentaries and longer films, which did not really fit into any of the existing digital channels. So we created a distribution platform tailored to giving a great viewing experience – with no annoying commercials or pop-ups, where you easily could find content that interested you and where your brand was safe. A platform with Nordic simplicity and transparency at the core of its offering.

In short, Biites.com is breaking new ground and we’d like to use this opportunity to reach out to our new Danish and British friends and invite you all to get in touch.

Best regards,

Nina Nørgaard Jacobsen
+ 45 42645851
CVR NR. 38660756

This editorial is a part of the DKUK Newsletter of November 2019. 

Biites is a highly valued member of the Association. Please do check out their company profile. 

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