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Max and Jenny Lewisohn

September 22, 2020

In memory of Max and Jenny Lewisohn, we thank Oscar Lewisohn and Family for their continous strong support of the Danish-UK community.

Picture: Jenny & Max Lewisohn, 30th April 1960

Since 1962 Oscar Lewisohn and his family have maintained strong ties to Denmark as well as to the United Kingdom and value  the fact that there is an organisation here that fosters good relations between The United Kingdom and The Kingdom of Denmark whether related to trade or culture, manifested in close ties of friendship.

Through a substantial donation given in memory of his late parents, Max and Jenny Lewisohn, Copenhagen, Oscar Lewisohn has recognised the leading role of the Danish-UK Association,  having previously encouraged the  Danish Club and the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce in their association.

We acknowledge the important value of this special support. It is through an engaged membership that we are able to further develop our activities and strengthen the beating heart at our centre. On behalf of the Membership we sincerely thank Oscar Lewisohn and his family for their very generous donation in support of our cause.

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