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Brussels law firm redsky legal joins ebl EEIG 

ebl EEIG announces that law firm redsky legal, based in Brussels (Belgium), has today joined ebl EEIG. Going forward, they will be known as ebl redsky.

The addition of an ebl location in Brussels considerably strengthens the ebl legal capability across key European jurisdictions and adds to ebl’s geographic reach (now covering Belgium, Germany, France and the UK with a total of six office locations).

ebl redsky is based in the heart of Brussels. They provide high-quality legal services and set themselves apart by their pragmatism, dynamism, creativity and international outlook.

The ebl redsky team is composed of practitioners within various fields of expertise who share common values: rigour, involvement, transparency and loyalty. The law practice also thrives on the diversity of its clientele, across various lines of business. Just like all ebl firms, ebl redsky is committed to supporting their clients through all stages of their development and to provide commercially driven  advice in respect of any legal challenges they might face.

Commenting on the addition of ebl redsky, ebl miller rosenfalck Senior Partner Steen Rosenfalcksaid: “ebl presents the market with an interesting alternative to the large international law firms which can sometimes fail to provide the combination of jurisdictional expertise and local market knowledge that is required by businesses operating in Europe today. We have found that clients working across borders value an integrated, local, regional and international perspective.’’

ebl factum Managing Partner Jürgen Breitenstein said: “Our strategy is to use our integrated experience to offer clients a single platform for advice across Europe. ebl delivers smart business and legal solutions with transparent commercial advice set in a European context. We believe there is significant demand from corporate and commercial clients for a single point of access to sophisticated and sector specific European law advice.”

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ebl Legal Services EEIG (ebl EEIG) is a European Economic Interest Grouping that coordinates an organisation of independent law firms. ebl EEIG provides no client services. Such services are solely provided by ebl EEIG’s member firms in their respective jurisdictions. ebl EEIG and each of its member firms are separate and legally distinct entities, and no such entity has any authority to bind any other. ebl EEIG and each member firm are liable only for their own acts or omissions and not those of each other. The brand name “ebl” and the term “firm” are used to refer to some or all of the member firms or their offices..

ebl locations: Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Wuppertal.


EBL Miller Rosenfalck is a highly valued premier member of the DKUK. Feel free to check out their company profile

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