Danish entrepreneur, Morten Sørensen, created ISH spirits to provide an alcohol-free option for those who dont always have the desire to drink alcohol, but crave the same familiar flavors.

It was a 100-day alcohol-free challenge that inspired ISH founder, Morten Sørensen, to create alcohol-free versions of classic gin and rum spirits – cleverly named GinISH and RumISH. I realized there was an absolute need to turn the tables on the social norms of drinking. I wanted to provide an alcohol-free option for those who dont always have the desire to drink alcohol, but appreciate the social aspects of enjoying a cocktail.”

ISH is this alternative for the athlete, the pregnant woman, or the designated driver. Its for those who can tear up the dance floor sober, and for those who simply want to wake up with a clear head on a Sunday morning.

GinISH and RumISH are made from natural ingredients such as juniper berries, vanilla, and nutmeg – the same notes youll find in a typical gin or rum. The aromas are carefully extracted from these natural botanicals and spices and, with proprietary recipes, combined to obtain the familiar flavors you recognize.

To compensate for the lack of alcohol, capsicum is extracted from the shells of chili seeds. Thats what gives it that burn in the back of the throat,” Morten says. We need that heat to make it satisfying – to make it an adult drink.”

ISH has since its first production run, in October 2018, already managed to expand into 4 countries and over 1500 shelves at select stores, bars and restaurants. But thats just the beginning Morten says. We are small but ambitions team and we plan to double our global presence before the end of 2019. We have new exciting products in the making that we will launch early next year and with our new NoLo cocktail book where we include both alcohol-free and low-alcohol takes on classic cocktails, we want to be the go-to brand that makes it easy for you to either lower your alcohol consumption or go totally alcohol-free.”


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