PRESS RELEASE – 13 March 2018

2017 – Another good year for ECCO

In 2017, ECCO Sko A/S achieved its best financial result to date, in spite of a challenging retail environment.

The speed of change in fashion footwear is accelerating, with a fast expanding e-commerce industry forcing significant change in the retail sector.

ECCO is adapting to the new situation and has again been able to deliver a very satisfactory result.

Profit before tax for the year 2017 was EUR 184m, on a turnover of EUR 1,276m, compared to a profit before tax of EUR 170m in 2016. At comparable exchange rates, this is equal to a 10% increase.

“I am pleased to see how our dedicated organisation has stepped up and performed very well in 2017,” said Steen Borgholm, CEO of ECCO Sko A/S. “We have continued investing in the future and stayed committed to our strategy without losing sight of short-term performance.”

The majority of growth came from Asia. By the end of 2017, Asia Pacific made up 35% of the Group’s net revenue, while the Americas made up 22%, and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) 43%.

In 2017, the traditional retail and e-commerce business grew 21%, with e-commerce alone growing 47%. Steen Borgholm added: “As a global brand with a large store portfolio and an increasingly effective online presence, we are well positioned to benefit from the changing trends, where consumers search and shop across different channels.”


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