Kromann Reumert has appointed a new head of its London office. Jakob Hans Johansen will be taking over from Søren Skibsted, who has been in charge of the office for the past three years but is now ending his tenure in London.

The law firm will continue its strategy to boost its presence in London with a new partner and strengthen its international profile. The new appointment is part of a long-term strategy with an increased focus on the global market. Kromann Reumert has, as the only Danish law firm, had an office in the British capital for the past three decades, and for the last three years Søren Skibsted has been in charge. He will now be heading home to Denmark after his planned tenure andwill be replaced by Jakob Hans Johansen.

It will not be the first time for Jakob Hans Johansen to operate in the UK. He has previously worked in London and knows the market well. Jakob Hans Johansen specializes in M&A and international trade, and several of his clients already have an international profile, which makes the transition a natural step and an advantage for his work and his clients.

Most of my clients already have a global approach and business. Working from London, in the middle of one of the biggest trade centres in the world, will no doubt benefit both my clients and me, Jakob Hans Johansen says.  

Jakob Hans Johansen believes the law practice will be even more internationally oriented in the future. 

"We need to follow our clients outside Denmark with the assistance of our good friends in international and English law firms. Almost everything in business is now cross border, and Kromann Reumert needs to be so as well. London is just one of many trade centres in the world, but it is an important one for our clients and I believe we will have to strengthen it even further in the future", Jakob Hans Johansen adds. 

The new role as head of the London office also comes with new responsibilities and a number of additional tasks, but Jakob Hans Johansen is confident he can manage them, just as his predecessor Søren Skibsted did. He believes Kromann Reumert's set-up in London has been perfected over the years. 

"There will of course be aheavy load of travelling between Copenhagen and London, but that is something I have already adjusted to. It is also important to remember that I will not be facing this task alone. We have a number of very skilled associates, both in London and in Copenhagen, who will be working with me to achieve our goals for the London office. The set-up is already great, and I believe that we can continue to deliver in the future as we have done so far", Jakob Hans Johansen says.  

The departing partner Søren Skibsted will be heading back to Copenhagen to manage his clients and will be head of Kromann Reumert's technology and outsourcing group. He will continue to take care of his network in London, but he is confident that the London office will be in safe hands with Jakob Hans as new head of office.  

"Jakob already knows the market and he will be settling in just fine. Jakob is a formidable lawyer and a genuinely nice guy. I am sure he will be able to take our office to the next level. I will of course still follow developments in London closely, and continue to be fully available for my clients, Søren Skibsted says.

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