London based flower and landscape designer, Jens Jakobsen from Floral Construction has been invited by RHS to be a part of the new ‘Beauty of the Nature’ concept at this year’s Chelsea Flower show, 2019 with a stand in the Great Hall.

Jens Jakobsen has based his design ‘Circle of Life’ on an old Scottish /English tradition The circle of the fairies. The origins come from the Island of Fetlar in the Shetlands. The 22 stones still standing up around the 2 rock pillars symbolise dancing trolls doing a Haltadans around the fiddler and his wife. It has now turned into a garden tradition in the UK where you leave a big circle uncut in the lawn or a wild part in your bedding for the fairies so they have a place to sleep in the day time and to dance in the night! 

Jens Jakobsen’s stand is all about this Dance and the circles creating a true fairy land up with very much a woodland atmosphere consisting of trees, nests, ferns, grass, moss and wild flowers - a creation of peace and love for the Nature.


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RHS has invited Jens Jakobsen to participate in the show and in return he will provide all the materials and decorations needed to create this Magical Garden. We invite any corporate sponsors who may be interested to contact him directly.

Jens Jakobsen was hired by fashion designer, Ian Stuart from the Blewcoat School, Westminster 5 years ago to create a fairytale around this fantastic National Trust Building from 1609 just a few minutes walk from Buckingham Palace. The task has been completed in a very simple but sophisticated way, which Fairytale writer HC Andersen would have approved.

Channel 4 created 25 episodes around Ian Stuart – ‘The Posh Frock Shop’ last year where Jens Jakobsen’s big flower displays and way of working played a big part. The Show has now been shown in 12 different countries all over the world. 

Jens Jakobsen will be going to Copenhagen in June. Invited by the Danish RHS Haveselskabet to do the entrance flowers for there CPH Garden Show which Crownprincess Mary of Denmark will open and Jens will be addressing the VIPs in the evening, explaining and talking about how rewarding it is to be working with the nature and flowers - how to combine gardening and floristry in the daily life.

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