The Danish retail company Flying Tiger Copenhagen is continuing its rapid international expansion and now reaches a remarkable milestone by opening the doors to store number 900. The grand opening takes place in a suburb of Barcelona and emphasizes the company’s notable progress in Southern Europe. 

One would almost think it was a fairy tale. But it is actually quite true.

What started with just a single store in a local neighbourhood in Copenhagen 23 years ago in 1995 has taken off in such speed, that Flying Tiger Copenhagen is now opening the doors to store number 900 worldwide.

The opening of store number 900 happens not even a year after the opening of store number 800 in the French city of Reims in the summer of 2017. And only three years after store number 500 opened in Notting Hill in London.

Store number 900 is located in the Barcelona suburb of Badalona and the opening underlines Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s ambitious and rapid expansion strategy. Every week, 2-3 new Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores are opening the doors to new customers. With 900 stores in 30 countries across 3 continents Flying Tiger Copenhagen is proving the viability of the concept in many and very diverse markets.

“Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s mission is to inspire people to make the things they care about happen and to spend more time together with their loved ones. We dare to be different and we love to put a smile on peoples’ faces while giving them the things they need, the things they dream about and the things they didn’t even know existed. All at affordable prices. That is why we put a great deal of thought into each product we design and select. To us, it is not just about the products, it is also about what the product means to and does for the person who uses it,” says Mette Maix, CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen, and continues:

“I am very proud that we are now opening store number 900 worldwide. It proves that we make a difference for a lot of people all over the world. We owe a big thank you to all our hard-working employees across the globe. Our journey has just begun. Flying Tiger Copenhagen is heading for a bright future.”

The fact that store number 900 is opening in Spain shows just how popular Flying Tiger Copenhagen and the company’s colorful and inspiring products have become in Southern Europe in recent years. Spain is now the country with the most Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores across the globe – the new store in Badalona is Flying Tiger Copenhagen store number 120 in Spain.

"The Spanish people seem to like Flying Tiger Copenhagen and our mix of creative, playful and colorful products and Danish design very much. We have big plans and are aiming for continued growth and further expansion, and I see plenty of opportunities for even more Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores. Both in Spain and in several of our other strong European markets, such as Italy, Great Britain, France and Germany. Also, there is a great untapped potential on several other continents," says Mette Maix. 

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