The award-winning restaurant and Dinesen have worked together for more than six years. The new restaurant features high-quality wood from Dinesen as a consistent key element.

Since its opening, noma has been at the forefront of gastronomy and creativity. The restaurant, four-times recognised as best in the world by the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants, last year closed its doors at the sixteenth-century harbour-side warehouse that had been its home for thirteen years. Now, and after more than three years of planning, noma has re-opened in a space featuring wooden floors, ceilings and wall cladding from Dinesen.

The trusted partnership between noma and Dinesen dates back to 2012, when Dinesen delivered the wooden floors for the renovation of noma's original space at Strandgade. The relationship has since evolved, with Oinesen working with architects Bjarke Ingels Group and interior architects Studio David Thulstrup to deliver a space that reflects noma's values, philosophy, and vision for the future.

"We are incredibly proud of our relationship with Dinesen, one that began many years ago at the old noma and continues here in our new home" says Rene Redzepi, co-owner and chef of noma, and continues: "Their approach to the nature's materials is amazing, and it really makes me happy to have their wood around us and our guests."

Consistent with noma's own values, Dinesen takes pride in working with the best of what nature has to offer, with each tree carefully selected based on the company's high-quality criteria.

"We are extremely proud that our partnership with noma has continued with this exciting new chapter. We are as passionate about the new noma as Rene and his team are, and we share many of the same values, pay attention to details and keep going until we reach our goal," says Thomas Dinesen, who represents the fourth generation in the 120-year-old family-owned business.

Imagined as an intimate garden village, the new restaurant comprises a collection of separate yet connected buildings - a total of eight huts, each tailored to their specific needs and built of the finest materials best suited for their functions. To create a diversity through the different buildings, noma chose a combination of Dinesen HeartOak, Dinesen Oak and Dinesen Douglas.


A walk through
When entering the restaurant, guests are welcomed by warm toned walls and ceiling covered with Dinesen Oak Natural. From the entrance building, the main dining room is positioned on the left. The compelling room provides guests with a stunning view over the lake through large floor-to-ceiling windows. The rustic style with exposed beams brings an old barn to mind.

The floors are solid Dinesen HeartOak planks, in which natural cracks are preserved out of respect for the oak trees, which can be up to 200 years old. The planks are full of vitality and history, and as a unique detail, the cracks have been locked with elegant butterfly joints of oak. To extend the symmetry, Studio David Thulstrup also chose to design bespoke pouring and waiter stations in Dinesen GrandOak Natural. With nine round tables for smaller groups and two larger rectangular tables, the main dining room seats around 40 guests.

On the opposite side of the main dining room is the private dining room. The private dining room is meant to function as a comfortable and harmonised space, where guests should feel as though they have been invited "home" for an unforgettable dining experience, surrounded by Rene Redzepi's unique collection of ceramics and special cooking tools.

The room is covered with Dinesen Douglas on all surfaces, as the planks are used for both flooring, wall cladding, shelving units and ceiling. Furthermore, the Douglas planks also cover the pillars supporting the roof - and in between the pillars, Dinesen Douglas beams add to the architectural experience of the room. The unique grain of each plank creates a remarkable expression, reflecting nature's greatness. If privacy is desired, the room can be closed off with a large, integrated sliding door - bearing resemblance to a big, heavy barn door.

The lounge is found to the right of the entrance. A welcoming place for guests to interact and converse about the dining experience. Light hand-made bricks make up the walls and flooring, while large Dinesen Oak Natural planks cover the ceiling which raises to a skylight right above the open dark shaded brick fireplace. The bespoke bar is made in Dinesen Oak Natural too.

The original structure - a protected ex-military warehouse once used to store mines for the Royal Danish Navy - features a 70-metre-long wooden cabinet and shelving system made bespoke in Dinesen Douglas. Dinesen Douglas was also chosen as flooring and wall cladding for the staff area in the renovated military building.


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