The Nordics will be hosting the FlyPharma Conference Europe this October. As a prelude, there are numerous advantages for pharma and logistics companies in the Greater Copenhagen region 

Author: Paul Dhami at the highly valued DKUK member Copenhagen Capacity


This year’s FlyPharma Conference Europe for pharma and logistics professionals is staged in Copenhagen, Denmark, moving to the Nordics for the first time. 

Backing the event as sponsors are SAS Cargo, DSV, and Copenhagen Airport, and among the supporting partners is Copenhagen Capacity: the inward investment agency of Greater Copenhagen, serving industries in life sciences and logistics in a business region covering Eastern Denmark and South Sweden. The conference is an appropriate occasion to rebut any myth or tale that Scandinavia, Denmark in particular, is marred by prohibitive taxation and high labour costs. 

High taxation does not apply to companies; Denmark’s corporate tax rate of 22% is one of the lowest in Europe. That is not all. uniquely among the Nordic countries, Denmark has no double taxation for companies with branches abroad. As a result, Greater Copenhagen is a highly attractive location for establishing a Nordic headquarters and for Scandinavian expansion. 

Companies operating in Denmark will also benefit from a highly professional, skilled, and flexible work force. Thanks to the Danish labour market’s ‘flexicurity’ model, supported by both state and labour unions, Denmark is unique in allowing companies to continuously adjust their labour force to fluctuating market conditions at short notice and without complex negotiation processes. 

Notice should also be paid to the fact that the personal income taxes help facilitate a unique level of public financing of a wide range of welfare issues including childcare, schools, medical and social services, hospitals, culture, and many other areas requiring personal investments in most other countries. This applies equally to the evaluation of wage levels in comparable sectors; for example, at first sight, Danish wages are well above levels in Sweden, but in Sweden, employers must add some 30% (compared to Denmark’s 0.6%) to wages in social costs. Employer cost compared to salary cost makes a huge difference in the business case to invest. 





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