It is an honour for me to take on the role as Wilson Wright’s first CEO.

I thank my partners for placing their confidence in me to lead our great Firm and I know I can rely on you, our loyal and committed clients, staff and professional contacts to support me in this role. You are an essential part of the team, needed to secure our continued growth and ongoing prosperity in order that we can continue to serve in our role as trusted advisor.

My thanks also go to Michael Lerner, who steps down from the role of Senior Partner, handing me a race winning baton so that we can continue the successful journey we have enjoyed under his skilful and thoughtful guidance.

1Adam Cramer and Michael Lerner

This note also gives me the opportunity to welcome two new partners, Emma Brown and Tom Tesfay, who were promoted on 1st April, I know how talented they are and how much they will contribute to support our future growth plans and development.

2Tom Tesfay, Adam Cramer and Emma Brown

125 years ago, Mr Wilson Wright established this great practice, since then the firm has continually evolved and whilst we want to retain our heritage, going forward we are determined to be leaders in an ever-changing business advisory environment.

In this respect, my ethos is not about revolution, but evolution, ensuring that all at Wilson Wright focus on what we can do for every stakeholder – the ‘people’ behind every single Corporate entity, every Trust and every Private Client that we have the privilege to act for.

Our purpose is to make it count: we inspire and support each other to be at our best, so that we can make a difference to our clients and the wider community and that’s why our advisory offering is ultimately about ‘people’. The financial and general wellbeing of clients, colleagues and contacts are core to achieving our vision of being recognised as the UK’s top independent accountancy firm.

People skills, technical and commercial knowledge, experience and perseverance are pivotal to our success and at Wilson Wright we have all these qualities in abundance.

Let’s build on these principles together. With your support we can continue the growth and development of our firm for the benefit of all – our clients, our team and our community.


Adam Cramer
Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +44 (0)20 7832 0444

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