Are you a Young Professional (YP) - typically in the age group between 18-35? We are delighted to invite YPs you employ and of course you too if you are a YP - to our first DKUK Young Professionals event.

In the year that we all discovered the massively disturbing but hugely successful Influencer Marketing scam 'Fyre Festival' we look at why we now consider Social Media to be the most powerful form of marketing the world has ever seen. In this session you will learn how to engage, influence and inspire on social media via the clever use of influencer marketing and eye catching content. Are you ready to become an expert on social?

Digital Storytellers, Adwaiz have invited us to their new office space in St Pauls. We will get to speak with their founder and CEO, Patrick Smith creator of Instagram’s '@Londonfoodboy' and winner of the Mayor of London #MyLondonDish Campaign Award, celebrating the best of London's diverse food scene.

In addition, Rea Averill; Chief Marketing Officer will also talk us through how you can attract talent through Social Media, looking at why you should engage on social as a young professional. Here we discuss a "how to" on Personal Branding giving you the tools that you need to succeed.





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