The year is 1929. The setting a modest workshop in the village of Hørning. The leading character is a carpenter, J.M. Jensen – a man with an innate talent for working with wood and a steadfast belief in doing things properly. To cut a long story short, he combined these two features to create unique, solid wooden floors. The company HØRNING was born.

Many years have passed, and nothing has changed.It is still a good idea to focus on long term rather than the short term. It is still a good idea to insist on uncompromising quality of material and good craftsmanship. Sustainable floor solutions are simply a good idea. 

Fortunately there are many people who agree with us. For generations we have been working with some of the best architects and contractors in the world, both in Denmark and abroad. Probably our most famous floor is the one designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1937, which today adorns the council chamber in Aarhus City Hall.

In fact, Hørning comes into its own when the architecture has something to say. That is often in distinctive, international buildings, which have generally been designed to last for generations, where there have been an uncompromising demand for aesthetic, artisanal qualities – not to mention long-term durability.

This is not just empty words. We are proud of the fact that there is a Hørning floor in the Royal Danish Theatre, in Danmarks Nationalbank, in ARoS Art Museum, in Malmø Live and Globen in Stockholm, in the headquarters of Transport for London, in the National Library in Madrid, in the Opera House in Copenhagen, in Christiansborg Palace, and in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bergen, Venice and Amman airports.

At sea we have supplied bespoke flooring solutions for a number of large cruise ships, including M/S Calypso of Finland, M/S Aurora of Norway, M/S Ikaros of Greece and AIDA Perla, Prima and Hyperion.

High quality in human hands
At HØRNING we take quality very seriously. Accordingly we have developed a unique system, in which all the staff are responsible for quality. For example, each and every strip and plank is quality-assessed by as many as 6 professionals before it reaches a floor. We constantly invest in new technology, training and control that we can continue to deliver the best quality in the industry.

HØRNING is FSC®-certified. This means that we have been approved to purchase, process and re-sell FSC-certified timber. Sustainability is a crucial parameter when it comes to selecting suppliers and business partners. Sustainable forestry benefits the world’s forests – particularly in tropical countries. It adds more value and provides local people and forest-owners with an incentive to preserve the forest, rather than converting it for farming purposes.