Over time, their personal interest evolved into a professional one, and in 2019 they decided to turn the idea of making and selling our aquavit into a reality. Their ambitions have grown since then, and while aquavit is still at the heart of what they do, they now apply those same principles that guided their initial foray into the world of distillation to other spirits. In 2021 they moved into our microdistillery in Putney, London, where they develop, distil, and bottle all their products by hand.


Aquavit / Akvavit / Akevitt

A spirit popular in Scandinavia and northern Germany, distilled and flavoured with caraway and/or dill seed. Traditionally served neat, and often ice cold.


Our philosophy when it comes to creating spirits is characteristically Scandinavian; we use simple and considered means to create elegant and sophisticated results.

Less is More

We select just a few high-quality botanicals for each recipe to create distinctive, complex flavours while allowing the character of each individual ingredient to shine through. We believe a small number of well-chosen and precisely balanced botanicals are all that’s needed to create amazing spirits.

Modern Technology for Modern Spirits

Our equipment give us a great deal of control over all aspects the distillation process, allowing us to create wonderful tasting spirits, while minimizing our environmental impact. There are many proven, traditional techniques that have a place among our methods, but there is also always room for innovation and improvement.

A Respect for Nature

We are constantly working to ensure that all aspects of our business are as ethically sourced and sustainable as possible, from the raw materials that go into our spirits, to the packaging they come in, to the energy that powers our distillery.