About us:

More than 500 million people worldwide have allergies. Many of them suffer in silence because the way ahead is too confusing.

By collecting information and the latest and most trusted solutions together in one place, we want to make allergy surprisingly simple to manage. With 100 years of experience, nobody knows allergy like us, and we continuously apply our scientific knowledge and expertise to help people take control of their allergy and their life.

We want to make a difference by offering solutions for everyone who is touched by allergy – through a comprehensive range of products, services and resources that offer a fast-track to a more balanced life.

Our heritage:

Since 1923, we have consistently devised and developed major advances for the treatment of allergy. In recent years, together with our global partners, we have invested substantially in the research and development of new, evidence-based allergy immunotherapy treatments.

What is allergy?

Allergies are caused by an overreaction of the body’s immune system to substances that in most cases would otherwise be harmless.

Respiratory allergic disease is often seen as a modern condition associated with increasing pollution, greater use of pesticides, environmental toxins and global warming. However, the key to defeating allergic disease lies in reprogramming our own immune system.

Our responsibility:

We aim to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner across our business and we underpin these aims with a range of policies and commitments.