Atara Partners was born out of the desire to move away from the deficiencies surrounding the outdated way executive search is carried out. Away from the limited database, away from the concept that you can’t be a good headhunter until you’ve been around for 45 years. Away from promising clients one thing and giving them something else entirely.

How about networking on a global scale with high-level industry executives?  What about building actively engaged C-Level communities and then actually engaging with them?  What about enriching our clients and their leadership teams by helping them gain knowledge, contacts and interacting with other leaders, as well as providing them World-leading talent?

Atara Partners is on a mission to transform the executive search industry for the future with our community approach. We’re partnering with our clients to build lasting relationships, aid in the development of their leadership teams and deliver truly game-changing executive search.  We are the future of executive search, today.

The Team

The team behind Atara Partners has 60 years of experience partnering with many of the Worlds fastest-growing technology, privately and publicly owned, listed companies.

Our support

We invite our clients’ leadership team into a peer-2-peer global community, through our exclusive partnership with the C-Level thought leadership platform

Our network

We have built the most engaged community for the technology industry, consisting of the World’s most talented executives, not just a database.

Your results

Our community-driven executive search approach, wider network and
constant engagement with the technology industry, means we deliver the most talented and culture-fit ready executives for our clients, time and time again.